CyCraft AIR Platform

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionAsia


About CyCraft
CyCraft Technology is a world-leading managed detection and response (MDR) provider based in Taiwan. We are forging the future of cybersecurity today by extending the frontiers of autonomous technology and human-AI collaboration. Our CyCraft AIR platform secures government agencies, police and defense organizations, Fortune Global 500 firms, top banks and financial institutions, critical infrastructure, airlines, telecommunications, hi-tech firms, SMEs, and more by being Fast / Accurate / Simple / Thorough. We’re committed to securing our customers in every step of their journey to success. Everything Starts From Security.

What We Offer
CyCraft offers confidence and peace of mind through CyCraft AIR, our AI-driven security platform. CyCraft AIR uniquely provides you the capability to effectively and efficiently monitor your security posture with built-in advanced managed detection and response (MDR), global cyber threat intelligence (CTI), smart threat intelligence gateway (TIG), network detection and response (NDR), security operations center (SOC) operations software, auto-generated digital forensic incident response (DFIR) reports, enterprise-wide Health Check (Compromise Assessment, CA), and Secure From Home services. Everything Starts From Security.

How we are different

Why We’re Here
We are creating a world where you can work, play, and live without the stress and anxiety brought about by cybersecurity. CyCraft AIR extends the frontiers of autonomous technology and human-AI collaboration to turn your day-to-day grind into a leisurely Saturday afternoon. Prepare yourself for a world where cybersecurity solutions are made Fast, Accurate, Simple, and Thorough.

No More Noise
Tired of AI-driven solutions that dump the work back on you, leaving you manually querying IOCs? We are too. No more noise. We have the highest Signal-To-Noise ratio in the ATT&CK® evaluations; that means we rely the least on handing over raw telemetry detections to you. Instead, we give you high-quality Analytic Detections—all the actionable info you need to remediate in one AI-generated report.

Fast Autonomous Security
Most competitor investigations still require slow, error-prone human analysts to perform investigations. As the severity and prevalence of cybercrime continue to increase in the coming decade, these sluggish investigations—combined with trigger-happy alerting—take substantial and valuable time that many enterprises can no longer afford to lose.

Our automated dual-cadence AI approach (AI on the endpoints and in the cloud) combined
with our industry-leading automated forensics provides fully automated one-click investigations, rapidly providing SOC & IT teams true visibility into their current cyber situation via our CyCraft AIR MDR reporting. Our AI-generated reports correlate disparate attacker behavior across all endpoints into onto clear site-wide attack storyline, automate your alert triage process, and provide detailed lists of detected malware, artifacts, and hidden devices. And CyCraft AIR MDR Reporting does this within minutes—not days.