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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


A global, pure-play, full life-cycle cyber security services provider with award-winning managed security services, identity and access management, and professional services designed to manage risk. Expertise across industry and regional requirements, servicing enterprises around the world, offering 100% remote service delivery model run by a global talent footprint across five modernized operations centers. Cyderes specializes in multi-technology, complex environments with the speed and agility needed to support today’s enterprise. Our Managed Services were built to provide practical answers to these common problems with a wide range of cybersecurity solutions that address the needs of the modern digital workforce. As corporate cybersecurity teams shift from prevention to detection and response, they are discovering the challenges of maintaining adequate staffing levels and keeping up with mitigation technologies in the face of rapidly evolving threats. Our comprehensive, human-led, and machine-driven security-as-a-service operation supplies the people, process, and technology needed to manage cybersecurity risks, detect threats, and respond to incidents in real-time. Cyderes provides end-to-end identity offerings, from advisory, to design and implementation to managed IAM services. We provide the precise mix of expertise, processes, and best-of-breed technologies that enable you to identify, secure, manage, and audit all human and non-human privileged identities in your organization. Cyderes Professional Services offers a wide range of solutions for enterprise cybersecurity programs – no matter what size or level of maturity. Outcome-driven engagements assess your current security posture and provide a prioritized roadmap to improve security and reduce risk across the enterprise. With 4 global Security Operations Centers, emerging technology partners, and a dedicated team of security specialists, Cyderes is trusted by some of the world’s leading organizations. Cyderes helps build security risk management programs to provide a proactive approach that can assist organizations in managing risk while securing their environments.

How we are different

Cyderes delivers world-class security-as-a-service, led by renowned cybersecurity experts and entrepreneur Robert Herjavec (Executive Producer, ABC’s Shark Tank). With one the largest dedicated managed services engineering teams in the world, we enable our customers to focus their resources on growing their business while we help address their threats in a way that’s better, faster, most cost-effective, and more scalable than in-house solutions.  Named “Cybersecurity Company of the Year” and “Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Company” in 2023 our award-winning managed, identity, and professional services solutions serve enterprises in verticals across the Fortune 500. Cyderes can advance and mature your security operations tools and team by leveraging our expertise with multiple platforms, including Google Cloud Chronicle, Microsoft Sentinel, and Splunk. Our solutions are crafted around a listen-first approach that puts your needs at the forefront and allows for continued maturation for your security program. Our specialized teams have decades of experience assessing cybersecurity postures, mitigating incidents, and guiding our enterprise clients toward solutions that strengthen their security. Our unique cyber intelligence lab (DARC4 Labs) arms clients to force-multiply their security operations to gain visibility (including into the Dark Web) and stop breaches before they occur. Our AI-centric security offerings help organizations prepare to defend against AI-powered attacks with AI Risk Assessments, Adversary Emulation, and Adversarial Prompt Engineering. Our specialized teams have decades of experience assessing cybersecurity postures, mitigating incidents, and guiding our enterprise clients toward solutions that strengthen their security. Serving thousands of companies across all industry verticals with over 250 managed security services customers including world-class healthcare and life sciences customers (representing over 30% of customer base), three of the top five North American gaming and entertainment companies, three of the top 10 North American banks, and such iconic companies such as the Fortune #1 retail company.