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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


Cydome is the leading innovator in cybersecurity and defence specifically designed for the maritime industry, and the only solution available that provides complete, always-on ship-wide protection. Founded by a team of maritime and cybersecurity professionals who have joined forces to address the unique challenges of cybersecurity at sea, Cydome has created a comprehensive cybersecurity suite that eliminates the shortcomings of traditional off-the-shelf products designed for land based environments.

Cydome’s unique, proprietary technology provides vessels with automated cybersecurity checks and real-time monitoring for both IT and OT systems. Its bespoke, built-in solution offers a truly no-compromise approach to cybersecurity and, unlike other operators which can only secure parts of a vessel, Cydome is the only solution that provides protection for the whole ship. Full cybersecurity coverage is enormously important, as coverage of only part of a vessel or its systems will leave the ship vulnerable.

How we are different

- Specifically designed for the maritime industry – Unlike other solutions, Cydome’s solutions provide ship-wide protection which is vital in preventing cyber-attacks. This is particularly important, as coverage of part of a vessel or its systems will not fully protect the ship if the attacker can penetrate from another vector. Unlike other operators who can only secure parts of a vessel, Cydome provides protection of the whole ship - none of the solutions provided today by the communications and satellite providers can offer such full-spectrum coverage.

• Cydome invests a large amount of its profits into research and development to ensure its solutions are always up to date and preventing attacks. They recently partnered with Constanta Maritime University, to solidify their commitment and to act as a joint hub for all maritime participants to contribute to the cyberthreats database.

• Compliance with regulations – The solution is designed to assist ship owners and operators to effectively validate ongoing compliance with international maritime regulations. The solution provides fleets with cost-effective, automated inspection and analysis tools to conduct cybersecurity gap analysis under the appropriate maritime regulations.