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CompanyCydome Security
Company size (employees)10 to 49
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Cydome is the award winning company that provides cybersecurity solutions specifically designed for the uniquely complex maritime environment including their complex networks. Ships at sea are a remote system. In recent years there has been increasing use of technology for communicating between ships, ports and fleet operators. This means our systems must provide protection against unique levels of risk and vulnerabilities for shipping companies looking to secure their entire network of vessels. It is satellite communication that enables the increased interconnectedness of the ship’s systems — and the large-scale sharing of data between fleets, ports, and vendors.
The global fleet is using satellites more and more – the average daily data consumption per vessel is continuously on the rise. This exposes shipping operators to new, unknown threats. Cydome’s systems examine and assess ships continuously to understand their network vulnerabilities, such as legacy satellite communication systems that are not easily updated, which are prime targets for hackers. Cydome has also worked with VSAT vendors to update and strengthen their cybersecurity resilience.

The challenges are further exacerbated by increasing digitalisation within the sector due to the pandemic, resulting in the maritime industry having significant cybersecurity exposures. Data theft and ransomware attacks have increased dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic with, businesses reeling from the effects of cyber-attacks resulting from weak cyber-defence.
The need to secure offshore vessels and their networks is vitally important – Cydome’s unique, proprietary technology, it allows vessels to have complete, automated, built-in cybersecurity checks and real-time monitoring for both IT and OT systems on vessels during their voyage at sea. Full cybersecurity coverage is enormously important, as coverage of only part of a vessel or its systems will leave the ship vulnerable.

How we are different

Ship-wide Coverage - This is particularly important, as coverage of part of a vessel or its systems will not fully protect the ship if the attacker can penetrate from another vector. Unlike other operators who can only secure parts of a vessel, Cydome provides cyber security coverage of the whole ship - none of the solutions provided today by the communications and satellite providers can offer such full-spectrum coverage. Cydome is an innovator in cybersecurity for maritime and uniquely conducts breach and attack simulation to the vessel from all such attack verctors (IT, OT and IoT) and specialises in supply chain/logistic attacks in the maritime industry. The coverage also includes protection from 3rd party vendors’ access to the ship. Dozens of vessels and a couple of hundred devices are currently being monitored onboard.

Cydome invests a large amount of its profits into research and development to ensure its solutions are always up to date and preventing attacks with the specific maritime requirements, being the only cybersecurity real-time solution onboard ships to gain certification by the Maritime Classification Society RINA as RINA Certified Cybersecurity Solution. Cydome also partnered with Constanta maritime university, to solidify their commitment and to act as a joint hub for all maritime participants to contribute to the cyberthreats database, including unique cyber threats at the maritime ecosystem.

Compliance with regulations – The solution is designed to assist ship owners and operators to effectively validate ongoing compliance with international maritime regulations. The solution provides fleets with cost-effective, automated inspection and analysis tools to conduct cybersecurity gap analysis under the appropriate maritime regulations. Cydome is the first international Certification Body for the “Maritime Cyber Baseline”, a scheme developed by the IASME Consortium together with the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, verifying ship compliance.