CYMOTIVE’s Trusted Cybersecurity Platform for Smart Mobility’s Full Lifecycle Solution

Additional Info

CompanyCYMOTIVE Technologies
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionHybrid


CYMOTIVE delivers pre-emptive, holistic cybersecurity solutions for vehicles, fleets and smart mobility to all car manufacturers, top suppliers and smart cities. With teams working from Israel, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and representation in the U.S., CYMOTIVE offers a trusted cybersecurity platform of products including vulnerability management, regulation compliance, intrusion detection and response, security testing, and related services including strategic design, engineering, architecture, code review, VSOC, and forensic monitoring. Our customers benefit from a full lifecycle platform of trusted security solutions spanning vehicles and fleet design, development and post-production stages. Our main products serve to automate key processes which will soon become regulated according to United Nations R155 such as vulnerability management, incident detection and response, and regulatory compliance. The automotive industry is one of the fastest growing attack surfaces with the penetration of the software-defined vehicle (SDV), connected cars and fleets, robot taxis, all moving towards autonomous driving. Only a full lifecycle solution covering all stages with its enablement for certification, both from the perspective of an OEM and a top tier supplier, can truly protect a vehicle or a full fleet during this inflection point of a massively enlarged attack surface.


How we are different

1. CYMOTIVE was founded and continues today to focus on one industry, the most complex within cybersecurity, smart mobility. Its complexity derives from the internal factors of the many components of a vehicle - its many ECUs, protocols and software containing over 100 million lines of code - more than a fighter jet. There is the external complexity of the numerous suppliers of systems such as infotainment, and many others - which never end as many are installed after the vehicle is sold. In addition, there is the complexity of securing the vehicle throughout the various stages of design, development, preproduction, production and postproduction of 20+ years on the road. All these stages contain serious safety risks in addition to the implications of a data and privacy breach. The possibilities of hackers reaching the controls of vehicles or fleets can be devastating both from a human life perspective and from a business perspective. CYMOTIVE covers all these stages and complexities with its full lifecycle platform of pre-emptive, holistic portfolio.
2.Our products for automation together with expert services of automotive cyber experts as a VSOC, forensic services, security testing, among others enable our customers (both OEMs and Tier One suppliers to benefit from tailored solutions.
3. Our founders were the heads of Israel's Security Agency including Yuval Diskin, Tsafrir Kats and Dr. Tamir Bechor, who brought their approach of pre-emptive, holistic security to every product and service offered. Our red teams work hand-in-hand with our blue defenses for an unmatched offensive-defensive approach in penetration testing, security controls testing and pre-production testing. This expertise was recognized by VW back in 2016 when choosing CYMOTIVE as its trusted partner in cybersecurity in the design, development and production of their electric platform vehicles.