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Company size (employees)100
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Cynet’s unique and powerful approach to enterprise security, in addition to its industry-leading team of expert analysts and researchers, has brought Cynet to the forefront of the cybersecurity market, with an ever-growing global customer list and industry recognition.

Cynet’s flagship product is an advanced threat detection and response platform that accurately detects sophisticated cyber-attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), advanced malware, trojans, ransomware and zero-day attacks that may be lurking in an organization.

Cynet’s full enterprise visibility of endpoint and network activity allows it to detect threat indicators across the attack chain. Through continuous monitoring across files, user behaviors, network traffic and endpoints, behavioral and interaction indicators are assessed to give a complete picture of an attack operation over time.

All this is enhanced by Cynet’s expert analyst and monitoring team Cynet CyOps, providing 24/7 monitoring, tracking, insight and response to threat activity within the enterprise environment.

Over the past year, Cynet researchers, working in cooperation with researchers from BugSec, discovered and reported two major threats: the SNAP LG G3 vulnerability, and FireStorm, a critical vulnerability in next generation firewalls – saving organizations and consumers worldwide from potentially costly consequences.

In 2016, Cynet raised $7-million in funding from US-based hedge fund, Lazarus.

Cynet’s recognitions include:
• Network Computing selected Cynet as one of Ten Innovative Network Security Startups
• Dark Reading named Cynet one of 20 Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2016
• Cyber Defense Magazine listed Cynet as a Cybersecurity Leader of 2016.
• Inclusion in Gartner Market Guide: Best Practices for Detecting and Mitigating Advanced Threats

How we are different

• Cynet provides its customers with 24/7 monitoring, plus backs them with a team of expert analysts, researchers and threat analysts. Cynet leads the industry in vulnerability and threat research, and utilizes this information in developing its dynamic, field-tested platform.

• Cynet provides enterprises with a unique threat detection and response platform that can be deployed to thousands of endpoints in as little as 2-hours with little impact on end-users, making it ideal for incident response and threat hunting. Cynet gives security teams total visibility (endpoints, users, files and networks) into threat activity across the attack chain over time, and flexible response options for automatic or manual remediation of discovered threats.

• Cynet simplifies security for organizations by providing the ability to detect threats with near zero-false positives and eliminating complexity and noise. Cynet enables the automatic remediation of threats including ransomware, advanced malware, Trojans and others, and provides detailed forensics of the attack.