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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope


Cyolo is an Israel-based technology company dedicated to connecting users to their work environments securely and seamlessly. Cyolo’s innovative approach to zero trust access has helped the company stand out in a field of both big players and emerging cybersecurity solutions. With proven results in highly regulated sectors like energy and infrastructure, Cyolo has shown it has the means and technology to make a tangible impact on the cybersecurity space. The company currently works with a wide variety industries and verticals (ie. banking, tech, energy, infrastructure, etc.) to provide users with access to critical applications and help reduce operational security costs.

Cyolo’s next generation Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA 2.0) solution enables the global workforce to securely access applications, files, servers, and desktops from any device on their local networks or in the cloud. In order to minimize the attack surface and prevent malicious activity, Cyolo ensures that access is given to the authorized asset and not to the network itself. The solution can be deployed instantly not only as a SaaS solution but also on-prem, making it the first ZTNA offering for OT and ICS systems.

Cyolo empowers organizations to add a customizable zero trust access solution into their existing distributed environment with absolutely no infrastructure change. The Cyolo solution unifies the simplicity and agility of cloud-native solutions, on-prem, or as a hybrid, while never exposing or even storing sensitive information.

Led by seasoned cybersecurity professionals, Cyolo is a cyber defense company built for the workforce of tomorrow, keeping users securely connected no matter where they are or where their working environment is located.

How we are different

- Thanks to the unique architecture of its solution, Cyolo is the first and only TRUE zero trust provider. Other ZTNA vendors store sensitive customer data in their corporate clouds, creating a risk of exposure. By design, the Cyolo solution sits outside its customers’ trust boundary and has no visibility to any customer data at any time. In a world where supply chain attacks are increasingly common, this extra layer of security is of crucial value.

- The Cyolo solution is fully adaptive and integrates seamlessly into all customer environments, whether IT, OT, IaaS or SaaS. Unlike other ZTNA solutions, Cyolo is also able to support both native and legacy apps, such as those run by OT systems. Thanks in large part to its fully adaptive nature, the Cyolo solution requires no change management and is the fastest and easiest ZTNA platform to get running. With Cyolo, users can spend their time working – not managing connectivity.

- The Cyolo solution brings value to all industries and verticals and solves a broad range of connectivity and security challenges related to remote access, third party access, employee access, OT operator access, developer access, and much more.