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CompanySearchlight Cyber
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


DarkIQ is a dark web monitoring solution which draws from the largest dark web dataset on the market. DarkIQ makes monitoring, pre-empting and preventing costly security incidents easier than ever before. The platform continuously searches the dark web for intelligence related to the business and delivers actionable dark web alerts related specifically to your organization. This helps defenders to identify potentially malicious activity that could indicate an imminent attack, while crucially minimizing the amount of time, effort and resource required for manual dark web monitoring.

DarkIQ takes the attributes that are most important to a business – including employee credentials, software, devices, IP addresses, network components, and company datasets – and alerts organizations to their presence in deep and dark web marketplaces, forums, and conversations. By providing threat intelligence specific to the organization, DarkIQ removes “alert fatigue” and allows security teams to prioritize the most urgent threats to the business. DarkIQ is also the only dark web monitoring solution on the market that includes dark web traffic to and from the organization’s network, a key indicator of malicious activity.

Using DarkIQ, enterprises can identify vulnerabilities being exploited, data that has been stolen, and dark web traffic to their network, and more. This allows them to take action against threat actors while they are early in the “Cyber Kill Chain”, increasing their chances of preventing some of the most prevalent attacks – such as ransomware and insider threats.

With supply chain risks continuing to mount and attackers increasingly using suppliers as a vector into enterprises, DarkIQ’s newly launched multi-tenancy capabilities enable enterprises to monitor their entire supply chain through the platform, vastly improving their assessment of their overall dark web risk. Monitoring a supplier’s dark web exposure increases an organization’s capacity to identify information on attacks that could eventually impact them.

How we are different

● DarkIQ continuously monitors for threats against organizations using the most comprehensive dark web dataset on the market, giving unprecedented access to information hidden in deep and dark web marketplaces, forums, and onion sites, as well as code repositories, social chats, CVEs, domains, phishing sites, and more.

● DarkIQ is the only platform that gives you visibility into dark web traffic to and from your organization’s network, while automatically detecting, categorizing, and alerting you to imminent threats with actionable intelligence.
● DarkIQ spots the early warning signs of an attack in the reconnaissance stage, including insider threat, executive threat, and supply chain compromise, enabling security teams to build threat models and develop an informed response before an attack even happens.