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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Projected to cost the world more than one trillion dollars in 2019 alone, cyber-attack has become the greatest risk confronting today’s businesses, nonprofits, and critical infrastructure. This troubling state of affairs is the product of the antiquated status quo of cyber defense, which relies on historical data to detect known threats at a time when criminals launch never-before-seen attacks on a daily basis. And because modern strains of malware strike at machine speed, security teams often cannot respond to threats — even those detected right away — before the damage is done.

Darktrace employs a fundamentally different approach to keep pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape. Powered by Cyber AI developed by experts from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System learns the unique ‘pattern of life’ of every user, device, container, and industrial system that it safeguards — all while ‘on the job’. This continuously refined knowledge of ‘self’ versus ‘not self’ for the entire enterprise, which does not rely on historical data or preprogrammed rules, enables Darktrace to flag the subtly anomalous behavior indicative of both known and never-before-seen cyber-attacks.

Darktrace grew rapidly in 2019 to cement its leadership in AI cyber security. As of November 2019, the company demonstrated a four-year growth rate of 2,446%, and its employee head count surpassed 1,000 globally by the end of the year. Darktrace also announced several new partnerships with major companies, organizations, and critical infrastructure providers including: Aptean, Korea Midland Power, City of Westland, London’s Natural History Museum, and Mandarin Airlines, as well as expanded partnerships with Fortune 500 corporations.

“Darktrace offers a fundamentally different platform that’s powering an entire cyber defense strategy with AI and machine learning,” said analysts at the leading firm Ovum.

How we are different

• Technology: Expanded the first ever Autonomous Response technology, Antigena, which now neutralizes cyber-threats in the cloud, email, IoT, and industrial systems. Also launched the Cyber AI Analyst, a game-changing technology which combines human analyst intuition with the speed and scale of AI to automatically investigate threats at machine speed, reducing triage time by 92%.
• Growth: As of November 2019, Darktrace had a four-year growth rate of 2,446%, while the company also surpassed 1,000 global employees across 44 offices. Darktrace protects over 3,000 customers worldwide.
• Recognition: Named to the CNBC Disruptor 50 and Forbes Cloud 100 lists, as well as Software Company of the Year at The American Business Awards 2019, the Best Application of AI in the Enterprise at The AIconics 2019, and Best Cybersecurity Company at the 2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.