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Darktrace takes a new approach to cyber security making innovation central to its mission and technology. Based on new advances in probabilistic mathematics and machine learning developed at the University of Cambridge, this adaptive approach is uniquely capable of addressing both the external and insider threats that organizations face today. This fresh perspective allows our internet-reliant generation to strike the balance between the need to live with constant risk and protecting our critical assets. This Enterprise Immune System is complemented by the unparalleled expertise of Darktrace’s team, which combines mathematical expertise with real-world operational experience of cyber defense at the highest level of government intelligence.
An inherently pragmatic solution, Darktrace’s technology takes for granted that cyber threat is pervasive and exists within every organization. Therefore, rather than trying to keep threat outside of the organization, Darktrace focusses on detecting the threat from within, at an early stage of its attack lifecycle.
The core of Darktrace’s innovative approach lies in a breakthrough in a new field of probabilistic mathematics, known as Recursive Bayesian Estimation, which has allowed machine learning to address the challenge of detecting in-progress cyber threats, without any prior knowledge. After thirty years of research, Darktrace is the first solution to effectively apply the basic principles of the human immune system to the challenge of cyber security based on these recent mathematical and technological breakthroughs.
Darktrace’s pioneering approach is delivered by the Enterprise Immune System which constantly monitors and analyzes the information flowing through systems and networks, and adaptively detects anomalous behavior, without any previous knowledge. This means that threats do not need to be defined in advance in order to be spotted, and that organizations can continue to benefit from the advantages of a connected workforce, customer base and supply chain, while defending against the most serious threats.

How we are different

• Allows organizations today to rely on a self-sustaining, self-learning system to constantly monitor network activity, giving them the confidence of understanding what is happening and where to focus human resources.
• The Enterprise Immune System is designed to be used by senior business leaders, as well as technical specialists. With this in mind, Darktrace’s Threat Visualizer interface provides a 3D visual overview of all digital interactions happening within a business in real time, and exposes Darktrace’s threat alerts. The Visualizer is a critical tool in helping non-experts to understand the threat level that the organization faces at any one time, and is also used by specialists to conduct deep investigations in incidents that have been uniquely detected by Darktrace, and help them see why and where anomalous behaviors have occurred.
• Darktrace provides the most advanced and automated way to accurately spot cyber-attacks while they are still in-progress inside an organization, and while there is still time to act. Combining its technical specialists in the UK and leading mathematical research, the innovation of the Enterprise Immune System is today fundamentally allowing organizations to keep up with a perpetually evolving threat landscape, irrespective of who is behind the attack, what their methods are, or where they may strike.