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Company size (employees)300+


Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is a fundamentally new technology, the only technology to deliver unsupervised machine learning to the challenge of cyber defense. Based on mathematics and machine learning developed at the University of Cambridge, the Enterprise Immune System establishes a highly accurate understanding of ‘self’ for a network and can thus spot anomalies as they emerge—in real time.

Innovation is at the core of Darktrace’s business, as its mathematicians look for new ways to improve and extend the capability of its immune system technology. Within the company’s first year in operations, development work was under way to bring this self-learning software to a new type of network: Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Next followed Darktrace vSensors and OS-Sensors, which extend immune system technology to virtual and cloud environments.

In the future of cyber security, the machine fights back. Most recently, Darktrace extended unsupervised machine learning to the realm of self-defense with the launch of Antigena. The first truly automated, self-defending security technology, Antigena allows organizations to proactively counter new and evolving threats in real time by automatically selecting and executing the most effective action to take at the first sign of threat. This ensures a response time faster than any human security team could achieve, allowing organizations to confront increasingly automated attacks without disrupting business.

As a testament to the global demand for its innovative machine learning technologies and their success on the market, Darktrace has experienced phenomenal growth since its foundation in 2013. With a 615% year-on-year revenue increase from 2015 to 2016 and a 240% booking increase in the last fiscal year, the company is rapidly expanding its 350+ customer base. Named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Darktrace is redefining an industry while rapidly growing as a company.

How we are different

o Constantly monitors network activity using a self-sustaining and self-learning system to give organizations the confidence of understanding what is happening on their network and where to focus resources

o Designed interface for use by executives and technical specialists alike – the Threat Visualizer provides a 3D visual overview of all digital interactions happening in a business in real time and alerts to threats. The Threat Visualizer allows even those who are non-technical to understand the threat level an organization faces at any time, and it also allows technical specialists to conduct deep investigations into detected threats, helping them see where and why anomalies have occurred

o Launched first truly automated, self-defending cyber security system, Antigena, in order to uniquely allow organizations to keep up with a perpetually evolving, increasingly sophisticated attack landscape, no matter their network type