DataDome Online Fraud and Bot Management

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


DataDome’s bot and online fraud protection detects and mitigates attacks with unparalleled accuracy and zero compromise. Its machine learning solution analyzes 3 trillion signals per day to adapt to new threats in real time, and its 24/7 SOC experts protect hundreds of high-profile brands worldwide (including Reddit, Patreon, and AngelList) against online fraud, ATO, carding, scraping, layer 7 DDoS, credential stuffing, and more. A force multiplier for IT and security teams, DataDome is fully transparent, easy to deploy, and frictionless for consumers.

DataDome serves cybersecurity & infosec professionals with a SaaS platform, combined with enterprise-level professional services and dedicated bot Security Operations Centers (SOCs). It easily integrates with any web infrastructure, and a prospect under attack can be protected in less than an hour. Strong technical partnerships with all major cloud providers and CDNs enables DataDome to be activated at the edge in just a few clicks via platforms such as AWS, Fastly, Cloudflare and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

DataDome’s is an easily deployed and ultra-scalable technology solution that requires no architecture changes or DNS rerouting, and will never be a single point of failure. It compares every request to a website or mobile application with a massive in-memory pattern database, and uses a blend of AI and machine learning to decide in less than 2 milliseconds whether access to those pages and/or APIs should be granted or not.

DataDome also offers the first privacy compliant, secure, and user-friendly CAPTCHA to thwart today’s stealthiest bots. DataDome’s CAPTCHA is compliant with local data privacy laws around the globe, and is completely integrated into its detection engine, offering superior protection and an enhanced user experience: DataDome is the first vendor to ensure that 99.99% of real users will not see a CAPTCHA.

How we are different

- Accuracy without compromise: There is often a tradeoff between speed and accuracy among other bot and online fraud protection providers. Not with DataDome. Each request to your mobile app, website, and/or API is analyzed anew each time, in real time (under 2 milliseconds). DataDome’s expert-monitored ML engine leverages 3 trillion data points per day and collects the most comprehensive set of detection signals to ensure the most accurate protection. DataDome is the only solution on the market that scales new threat information across all protected endpoints in real time. Data scientists continually enrich models to automate response to current threats.

- Frictionless for consumers: DataDome's high availability and no-added-latency makes its protection completely invisible for 99.99% of end-customers. Users whose sessions get challenged benefit from an enhanced user experience and industry-leading privacy protection. DataDome's false positive rate is undetectable, 0.01%.

- Force Multiplier for Your Team: DataDome provides leverage for your team. Its dedicated SOC team monitors traffic and the solution’s response 24x7, and customers have direct access to expert solution engineers. DataDome offers full transparency on automated and human traffic, as well as measures the solution takes. Further, DataDome offers the most integrations of any bot protection, and is compatible with any infrastructure.