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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


DataVisor Enterprise is the leading AI-based fraud detection solution, combining patented and proprietary Unsupervised Machine Learning and powerful investigative workflow to protect against the most sophisticated forms of fraud and abuse. DataVisor’s real-time fraud analytics and insights enable rapid action before financial loss or reputation damage spreads.

As a company, DataVisor is a recognized leader in fraud protection and prevention, with multiple technology innovation awards across a range of markets. For its unique approach to Artificial Intelligence technology, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal have named DataVisor a Company to Watch, and the analyst firm Frost & Sullivan has presented DataVisor with its Global Fraud Detection Technology Innovation Award.

DataVisor Enterprise’s best-in-class machine learning technology identifies application fraud, identity theft, spam and abuse, fraudulent transactions, app install fraud and money laundering, among a host of other uses.

The company’s full-stack risk platform is an end-to-end solution for detecting and preventing cybercriminal attacks. The technology protects the world’s largest financial institutions and Internet properties, including Alibaba, Letgo, Pinterest, Tokopedia, Wells Fargo, Yelp and more.

DataVisor provides three advantages over more conventional machine learning solutions: Contextual detection, transparent results and streamlined investigation of accounts and users.

1) Contextual Detection. DataVisor Enterprise automatically identifies and categorizes different types of fraud and abuse. This is combined with granular risk-based detection scores to trigger correct action or authentication against each account.

2) Transparent Results. Unlike “black box” machine learning models, DataVisor Enterprise enables users to view detailed detection reasons generated by its proprietary engine, for detailed understanding of how fraud or abuse was committed.

3) Streamlined Investigation. DataVisor Enterprise enables detailed activity and detection history review for each account or user. Clusters of linked accounts can be discovered, for time-saving bulk decisions. Latest fraud trends can be analyzed with customized reports/dashboards.

How we are different

-DataVisor detect new attacks, catches incubating attacks, and discovers correlated attack patterns. Other competitive technologies cannot deliver across all three types of attacks and attack patterns. The DataVisor Unsupervised Machine Learning (UML) Engine processes all events and account activities simultaneously, to analyze patterns across hundreds of millions of accounts. This allows DataVisor to detect suspicious connections between malicious accounts – even when those accounts are incubating, mimicking legitimate user activities, or changing attack techniques. It also allows the UML Engine to detect all the members of an attack ring at once, ensuring the attack is fully stopped.

-DataVisor utilizes Big Data Architecture for computation, data access and storage. The DataVisor Platform, is built on the latest big data infrastructure stack, from computation to data access and storage, used by companies like Google and Facebook. Apache Spark, HDFS, Hadoop, Apache HBase and Elasticsearch are all being used to support the system in different capacities.

-DataVisor maintains a Global Intelligence Network across the widest set of digital data. The DataVisor Global Intelligence Network leverages patented and proprietary Unsupervised Machine Learning for real-time, comprehensive digital intelligence based on the industry’s widest set of digital data, including IP addresses, geographic location, email domains, mobile device types, operating system, browser agents, phone prefixes, and more.