Deduce Identity Network

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
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Deduce offers the world’s first, real-time online identity fraud prevention technology, safeguarding over 400 million online consumer profiles.

The Deduce Identity Network is a secure, privacy-compliant data network of over 150,000 websites which captures over 1.2B daily online activities in the United States. This creates a real-time, AI-driven identity graph that tells a company if the person logging in or signing up is who they claim to be.

Companies can also use Deduce Identity data to offer their customers a frictionless log-in or sign-up process. For example, if Deduce tells the company that this new subscriber is legitimate, the company can then fast track their onboarding to the service rather than forcing the “verify your email” step of account creation. This represents a win-win for the company and the customers they serve.

Powered by the Deduce Identity Network, the company delivers two seamlessly integrated products to stop identity fraud and create a Trusted User Experience.

– Deduce Identity Insights provides rich, real-time data to make instant decisions on the authenticity of a log-in attempt. This provides trust signals to the risk and fraud teams at a company to make smart, data informed decisions on each log-in activity.

– When a log-in attempt is potentially fraudulent, Deduce Customer Alerts sends a customer alert via email or text to the customer to ask them to verify the log-in attempt.

Identity fraud has risen by over 67% since the start of COVID as more consumers bank and shop online and use online food delivery services to maintain social distancing. The sheer volume of data generated by the Deduce Identity Network, plus the real-time nature of our algorithms and AI, creates the identity graph that businesses can use to combat bad actors and cut off their funding source.

How we are different

The cost to businesses of identity fraud is estimated at $33 billion per year. Deduce is not the first company in the world to tackle the global crisis of account takeover and new account creation fraud. However, we approach the problem with a game-changing combination of aggregate historical user data, identity risk intelligence, and proactive alerting. We created the Deduce Identity Network from the lens of realtime data sharing, rather than creating and protecting siloed data. This sets us apart from our competitors because our entire ethos and innovation model is framed from this starting point.

Our competitors still think and deploy like traditional software vendors. For example, Deduce has a real-time identity network; others don't. Crucially, our patented technology is deployable in four hours, not weeks or months like our competitors. Businesses do not require extensive data training or aggravating JavaScript implementations to start protecting their users’ accounts. Our Customer Alerts and Identity Insights capabilities are also constantly adapting by adding intelligence as it scales.

Unlike our competitors, we use dynamic data, not static data (which has likely already been stolen), to identify and prevent suspicious login activity, in a fraction of a second. Our data and AI delivered via the Deduce Identity Insights products allow companies to offer their new and returning online users a frictionless user experience. For example, Identity Insights leverages our game-changing Identity intelligence and the trust signals therein to provide secure password-less authentication that’s the account login equivalent of TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. This results in a much faster, easier and more intuitive process than competitors, which delights customers and delivers incremental revenue and brand loyalty to the companies they do business with.