DefenseStorm Cybersecurity Safety and Soundness

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


DefenseStorm is the only provider that combines cybersecurity and cybercompliance to deliver solutions specifically built for banking. The DefenseStorm GRID, the first co-managed, cloud-based and compliance-automated solution of its kind, operates both as a technology system and as a service supported by DefenseStorm’s team of security and compliance experts.

And now, DefenseStorm can offer cyberfraud services as well, with DefenseStorm FI CyberFraud.

In most financial institutions, cybersecurity and cyberfraud are supported by two different groups. Although cybersecurity usually falls under information security or information technology, cyberfraud is normally handled elsewhere. By using DefenseStorm for cybersecurity and cyberfraud, community and regional banks and credit unions will have a more coordinated and integrated approach to handling both disciplines.

With its innovative products, top tier service and financial security expertise, DefenseStorm is helping to keep Georgia on the map as the “Silicon Valley of the South”. Not only does the company have a large number of Georgia-based customers, it also provides service to financial institutions all of the country; making a great name for itself and its home state.

How we are different

• Bank or credit union staff have the same dashboards and configurations that DefenseStorm has, which makes sharing fraud information and co-management easy and efficient
• The only managed-services provider focusing solely on community-sized banks and credits unions, and is currently the only one offering both cybersecurity and cyberfraud services.
• No other solution has provided specific monitoring capabilities related to data and application protection, coupled with the ability to correlate events across data, applications and server/network/workstation events