Dell Data Guardian

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Dell
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Type of solutionSoftware

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• Monitor data activity and location: Organizations can understand where and how critical business information is being used, leaked or lost by accessing reports and sophisticated metadata to triangulate more accurately if and when nefarious behavior occurs. Data Guardian captures user access and activity events with geolocation in the Dell Security Management Server. It gives visibility into files that were shared with a suspected bad actor, reducing the time it takes to uncover potential security threats.
• Data access control parameters and retention: Through EDRM, IT departments can enact data protection for control of who can view documents and set access rights for users. This equips organizations to manage exactly who can read, edit, print or share data, as well as the ability to set embargoes and expiration times over when the data is permissible to view. The Dell Security Management Server for Data Guardian allows for rights to be revoked to an individual file or for an entire user, removing the ability to open a file – this retains access control of data for IT staff even for files that have left the organization – a major pitfall of other data protection technologies such as DLP. This action can be taken easily and quickly by IT or security administrators on the Audit Events page of the Dell Security Management Server.
• Protect data wherever it goes: Data Guardian protects business data at all stages of the lifecycle – at rest, in use and in motion – wherever the data travels and however it is shared. It combines multiple functionalities into an integrated solution: data encryption, file access monitoring, DLP (data leakage prevention) and EDRM (Enterprise Digital Rights Management) for a multi-layered approach to data protection. This is persistent protection that remains with files and cannot be removed.

Brief Overview

Dell Data Guardian is a centrally managed data protection solution that offers organizations the ability to protect, control and monitor data wherever it goes. No matter how the data is shared, Data Guardian helps organizations secure data at the file level, maintain authority over how data is used and gain crucial visibility into data location and usage. IT administrators retain access control to files leaving the organization and can take action to prevent data access if a potential security risk is detected. End users receiving files can read and edit them on a Windows PC, Mac, iOS or Android or via the Data Guardian Web Client. Usage for end users is virtually transparent and the solution allows for an easy access request process for files that are forwarded to other users.

Data Guardian works by allowing data owners to digitally generate a key for individual documents or files, allowing for data accountability, auditing and compliance. Files are wrapped with encryption and EDRM protection that cannot be removed and travels with the file no matter how it is shared. Files protected with Data Guardian send user access and activity events back to the Dell Security Management Server for auditing purposes. These audit events enable organizations to understand where and how critical business information is being used, leaked or lost. Security administrators or IT departments can access metadata including user access and activity events with geolocation in the Dell Security Management Server allowing for a more accurate triangulation of information.

What sets Data Guardian apart from other solutions is the capability to revoke individual file or user access through the Dell Security Management Server, even if access has previously been granted and the file has left the organization.