Denuvo Anti-Cheat

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


With more than 2.5 billion players worldwide, video games now move more money than cinema and music combined! With such impressive numbers, it cannot be denied that games are already a well-established cultural phenomenon. Nowadays, everyone plays a game, including cheaters.
Denuvo by Irdeto’s Anti-Cheat solution protects esports and multiplayer games from cheating. Developed by security experts, Denuvo Anti- Cheat has no negative impact on in-game performance and is transparent to the end-user.
Unlike so many others, Denuvo operates on the binary, not the source code. Our Anti-Cheat solution integrates directly into the product build process. Also, Denuvo does not require APIs or SDKs, which means fewer tools for build engineers to manage and fewer tools for developers to install.
– Detect
Denuvo Anti-Cheat provides real-time detection of multiplayer aimbots, overlays, and maphacks that use drivers, hypervisors, and other modern cheat methods. Using security features offered by mainstream hardware in combination with game-agnostic Machine Learning, we achieve an unprecedented level of cheat detection effectiveness.
– Report
Denuvo Anti-Cheat is non-intrusive and enables developers to work seamlessly with protected builds as it does not block debuggers or prevent instrumentation. Cheat detections are reported to an easy-to-use web application, allowing your security engineers or gameplay services to act in real-time.

How we are different

• Denuvo Anti-Cheat installs only when multiplayer game features are accessed. That's a significant difference from all other industry competitors that require the driver to be loaded at game or operating starting startup, even if the user only intends to access single-player features.
• Denuvo's hardware-backed security goes beyond the protection offered by Windows kernel-mode drivers, effectively detecting hypervisor and virtualization-based cheats invisible to our competitors.
• The web-based project management system provides configuration, reporting, and investigation tools. To ensure our customers have everything they need, Denuvo has implemented role-based access control, branch and version control, and exported all functionality via Swagger APIs for automation.