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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Denuvo by Irdeto is the global #1 Games Protection and Anti-Piracy Technology Platform with 350+ million software licenses issued and revalidated. Customers trusting Denuvo’s solution are Game Publishers/Platforms, Independent Software Vendors, Video Publishers and many more.
Denuvo Anti-Tamper is a software activation solution for the PC gaming market. It provides anti-tamper protection to the DRM employed by all major digital distribution platforms using patented PC binding technology. It co-exists easily with additional security solutions and is well respected by all major game publishers.
The main goal of Denuvo’s Anti-Tamper solution is to protect games from piracy and to provide a crack-free window during the initial sale of a new game. Most sales for a new game are generated in the first few weeks or months after a game is released, so it stands to reason that this is an important time for publishers. Most unprotected games are cracked on or even before the day they are released – that’s a lot of lost revenue.
Leading game publishers worldwide rely on the straightforward integration and operation of Denuvo Anti-Tamper. The solution is applied on the game’s binary code and no source code modification is required. The protection is customized for each game, to ensure seamless integration and optimal in-game experience.
Denuvo Anti-Tamper technology securely bind a game license to an end-user’s system, preventing illegitimate copies and account sharing. It does not interfere with the gaming experience, even when the PC is upgraded, as a legitimate copy can always automatically obtain a new license. It is not a DRM solution, but rather, Denuvo Anti-tamper protects DRM solutions, such as Origin Online Access or the Steam license management system, from being circumvented.

How we are different

• Thanks to Denuvo Anti-Tamper, games are going uncracked for weeks, months and even up to a year which enables publishers to generate higher revenues so that they can then reinvest their money to produce newer and even better high-end games to the gaming community! Best-of-breed technology provides longest crack-free release window compared to competitors.
• Fastest and easiest implementation without an SDK or the need to change the source code, applied on binaries.
• Protecting all kinds of games, it is tailored specifically to the games market to ensure optimal in-game experience. Unlike other market solutions, Denuvo Anti-Tamper does not continuously encrypt and decrypt any data on storage media and since only performance non-critical game functions are used in the Anti-Tamper process, Anti-Tamper has no perceptible effect on game performance.