Denuvo Mobile Protection Suite

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


The mobile gaming market is expected to be a $272 billion industry by 2030 and pirates are primed to take advantage of it. Denuvo’s Mobile Protection makes it easy to keep the bad guys away. Solutions are easy and fast to implement, do not require game source code modification, require little to no effort by game publishers or developers, and integrate and deploy seamlessly. All with zero effect to a legitimate gamer’s experience.
Protection is added where it makes sense. Our team profiles the game to find the best location with the least impact, we determine optimal setup by combining profiling data with static analysis. Irdeto also offers performance review to make sure there’s no impact to the game play, along with automated alerts that detect when profiling data is out of date and updates are needed.
In addition, Irdeto offers Mobile Protection SDK, allowing clients to integrate security features even tighter into their apps, raising security to a next level; Telemetry data for real time detection covering tampering attempts. When required, Irdeto’s cyber services team goes after pirates and crackers to stop them from ruining the gaming experience and the brand’s integrity.

How we are different

• Easy Integration and maximum security. Takes minutes to integrate, not days and since protection is added to the final app there’s no impact on source code. Multi-layered solutions ensure maximum effectiveness of our security plug-ins.
• Client in control. Built on a plug-in system, so the client can decide which security features they want to use.
• Invisible to players. We put protection in important but non-critical places to avoid impact during gameplay.