Denuvo Mobile Telemetry

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Denuvo by Irdeto launched in 2020 an innovative feature available to its highly acclaimed mobile game security suite. The solution further protects mobile games from being tampered with and allows publishers to collect data about the hacking, tampering and cheating attempts of their Denuvo protected games.
Through this new solution, Denuvo mobile game protection customers can have access to Denuvo’s back office on a website showing real-time details about the ongoing attack. Based on that data developers can take action and either ban players, display warning messages on the user’s device to warn them or even implement further countermeasures.
The customer-facing back office provides the developer with a view of the attacks in total, per day and count, and the types of attacks, as well as events of a particular attack, such as tampering on the App. When integrated with the customers’ platform, the telemetry events are linked to the actual players which allows taking per user actions. The mobile telemetry engine feeds into the same back office as Denuvo’s anti-cheat for PC. This provides Denuvo customers a 360-degree view on attacks occurring on the open gaming platforms across all gaming segments.
In the past, developers didn’t have a clear view of how people were playing their games. With this new data, they have a full understanding of the hacks and tampers on their App and can then use that information to alter storylines, change difficulty levels, and block cheating attempts.
The Denuvo Mobile Telemetry engine is part of the Mobile Game Protection suite offered by Denuvo, which ensures that legitimate players get the best possible experience and revenue streams are not eliminated. It also has minimal impact on the user’s gameplay experience whilst still guaranteeing no false positives and maximum detection.

How we are different

• First to market, this ground-breaking solution gives clients unprecedented access to a back office, to showing real-time details about the ongoing attack. This provides Denuvo customers with a 360-degree view of attacks occurring on the open gaming platforms across all gaming segments.
• The solution is offered with 24/7 availability and needs no source code, meaning it can be applied to any game with zero operational effort by the customer.
• Unlike competitors, Denuvo also offers customers the opportunity to profile games before the protection is applied to tailor the protection to the individual game.