Devo Technology Security Analytics

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CompanyDevo Technology
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


It’s no secret that being a security operations center (SOC) analyst is a tough job. Analysts are burdened with more alerts, devices, data, and cloud complexity than ever, and struggling to keep up with the rapidly-evolving threat landscape.

That’s the problem that has fueled and guided Devo’s growth. Built with analyst pain points in mind, Devo is a powerful security analytics platform that leverages automation to significantly reduce the noise created by too many alerts, freeing up time for analysts to apply their skills toward what really matters: actively investigating and hunting real threats.

With 400 days of always-hot searchable data, it’s easier and faster for analysts to retroactively conduct investigations and find the first occurrence of a threat in their environments. Data is immediately searchable once it hits the platform, eliminating delays between harmful events and when analysts can alert or search on it. Devo’s analyst-centric approach to the autonomous SOC helps reduce burnout by reducing tedious, repetitive work that dominates day-to-day responsibilities. At the same time, the auto enrichment of events provides analysts with real-time, actionable data and rich context, enabling them to investigate and threat hunt more effectively and efficiently.

How we are different

Ubiquitous ingestion: Devo stands apart with its innovative approach to enhancing the productivity of security teams through the implementation of an autonomous security operations center (ASOC). This enables security teams to perform quick and effective threat detection and incident response, leveraging their full potential. The ASOC offers a distinct advantage by providing self-service data connectors from a wide range of sources, ensuring complete visibility. Additionally, all incoming data is ingested and parsed without any transformations, ensuring its raw format is preserved and ready for real-time streaming and analytics.

Proactive Defense with Out-of-the-Box Capabilities: Devo provides a solution that not only meets the security needs of customers, but also enables them to collaborate with teams beyond the SOC. With Devo's comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including application, infrastructure, and business service monitoring, as well as log management for IT operations, data can be analyzed in real-time to support a wide range of use cases and drive value across the organization. This versatility is made possible through Devo Exchange, a community-driven marketplace that allows users to create custom alerts, content, and applications using their data. The Devo SciSec threat research team leverages this flexibility, constantly developing new detections and content that can be easily accessed through Devo Exchange.

Built for Feeds and Speeds: Unlike legacy systems, Devo was designed from the outset to handle modern SOC use cases and can scale to manage increasing amounts of data. This translates to predictable and low costs, the ability to keep up with growing data demands, and more use cases for users. Unlike other security analytics solutions, Devo does not slow down with increased usage and enables teams to operate their SOC with fewer roadblocks, allowing analysts to focus on the tasks that matter most.