DISCARDED: Tales from the Threat Research Trenches

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


DISCARDED: Tales from the Threat Research Trenches is a podcast for security practitioners, intelligence analysts, and threat hunters looking to learn more about the threat behaviors and attack patterns. Each episode is full of real-world insights from our researchers about the latest trends in malware, threat actors, TTPs, and more. Launched in March of 2022, this technical podcast series has 19 episodes and has garnered over 16,000 streams across all major listening platforms as of December 2022, securing a spot in the top 10% of podcasts in the cybersecurity category.

How we are different

DISCARDED is unique to the cybersecurity podcast library as it is hosted by Proofpoint’s senior threat researchers and analysts. This team of researchers is responsible for tracking shifts in the cybersecurity landscape, identifying emerging attacks, and monitoring threat actor TTPs. The threats they detect and the signatures they write feed into Proofpoint’s platforms and are keystones in a system that analyzes more than 2.6B emails, 49B URLs and 1.9B attachments every day. DISCARDED is a key channel our researchers use to communicate their findings with industry stakeholders such as CISOs and CIOs, and the wider infosec community.

Every day, the work of our threat research team keeps our customers protected—not just from today’s attacks, but tomorrow’s threats as they evolve. Episodes of Proofpoint’s DISCARDED podcast series focus on significant threats and campaigns identified or tracked by the team, such as threat actor profiling, exploiting cryptocurrency, Multi-Factor Authentication phish kits, multi-persona impersonation, and more. The series also provides exclusive insight into how Proofpoint’s threat research team operates and attributes, through live interviews with APT and e-crime experts, data scientists and reverse engineers.

Often used as a supplement to Proofpoint’s highly regarded threat research blog posts, DISCARDED podcast episodes provide a platform for blog authors to further explain their findings and analysis, for example “Hot off the Press: APT Actors Posing as Journalists” and “Reservation Confirmed: Threat Actors Visiting the Hospitality World.” Both blogs received global media attention, with coverage appearing in CNN, Forbes, and SC Media, among others. Cybersecurity media and interested members of the community are directed to Proofpoint’s DISCARDED podcast to hear directly from the authors and researchers behind the published analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of the threat and further supporting Proofpoint’s mission to equip customers and the wider public with the knowledge they need to protect their people.