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We launched Dome9 Security in 2012 because we sensed there was an emerging market need in the area of securing cloud infrastructure. That emerging need has grown into a clear market gap with the widespread adoption of cloud infrastructure and the founding philosophy of Dome9 is more true now than ever before.

1. The public cloud is growing at an exponential pace, with widespread adoption ranging from enterprises to born-in-the-cloud startups.
2. Traditional security tools don’t work well in this environment.
3. Cloud infrastructure vendors such as AWS, Azure, etc. are building in some robust network security controls.
4. What is lacking is a single security operations console that can:
– Operate at the speed of cloud.
– Enable enterprises to add additional layers of security and compliance.
– While leveraging all existing controls provided by the underlying cloud platform.
– Simplify day-to-day secops for IT, reduce the attack surface and help achieve faster compliance.

Our unique and innovative solution provides:
1. Network security policy management and automation for the customers entire cloud environment – that works across AWS and other cloud services, regions and accounts.
2. A complete set of security controls including firewall management, visualization, file integrity monitoring, configuration monitoring, dynamic access leases and tamper protection.
3. Industry pioneering technology that is purpose-built for and as elastic as the underlying infrastructure and can help simplify security operations, reduce the attack surface and speed up compliance.

That is why we founded Dome9 Security. We’re experts in Cloud Security so our customers don’t have to be. We are a purpose-built security and compliance solution for public and hybrid clouds. For our customers, Dome9 is THE security operations console for their cloud infrastructure. We are trusted by over a 1000 customers and protect over 100 thousand servers in the cloud, including some of the biggest enterprises running on Amazon AWS today.

How we are different

1. Innovative and Valuable: We have delivered breakthrough innovation on security for AWS, which is by far the largest public cloud provider in the market. If you are on AWS, Dome9 is best positioned to be your sec ops console for your cloud network.

2. Trusted by Customers: Dome9 is trusted by over a 1000 customers and protects over 100 thousand servers in the cloud, including some of the biggest enterprises running on Amazon AWS today.

3. Endorsed by analysts and partners: Dome9 is also an Advanced APN Security Partner for Amazon customers, and is one of a select set of vendors been certified by Amazon as a Security Competency Program Partner. Dome9 has also been anointed by Garter as a Cool Vendor for Cloud Security Services.