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Company size (employees)1 to 9
Headquarters RegionNorth America


EdGuards is a pioneer company making a breakthrough in the cybersecurity of Education industry with services and solutions that keep high-risk business applications such as campus solutions, HR, and Financial systems safe from threats and data breaches. EdGuards supports and develops the EG News project intended to keep professionals updated on the latest news about Education Cybersecurity and Technology.
In its short history, the company has released the research on the history of cyber attacks on universities and a distinctive annual data breach report in the sphere of education providing the statistics that show all notorious cyber incidents.

Serving education, our data-protection solutions are designed to address industry-specific challenges, minimize security risks organizations face today, and bring security to every department at educational institutions that use PeopleSoft, Ellucian, and other applications.
Our mission is to solve intricate security issues and most demanding challenges to guard K-12 organizations and Universities against cyber attacks.

How we are different

EdGuards provides an innovative solution serving the needs of educational organizations thus making a breakthrough in the cybersecurity of Education industry

The solution keeps high-risk campus systems safe from threats and data breaches by combining 4 areas of checks
Identify vulnerabilities
Check policies
Protect customizations
Manage access control and user rights

The solution covers different types of business applications in the Education Industry