Endace – Endace Packet Forensics Files hosted by Michael Morris

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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Director of Global Business Development and Technology Alliances
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Endace
Company size (employees)50 to 99
CountryNew Zealand
Headquarters RegionAsia


Endace is a specialist in providing customers with innovative hardware-based full packet capture recording solutions. In early 2020, as remote workforce issues faced enterprise security teams, the company wanted to have a vehicle to deliver regular content and insights on current security topics, threats, technologies and trends to customers and the industry. The goal of the vlog/podcast was to interview industry leaders and experts in security and network monitoring share challenges and best practices while creating market awareness for Endace as a thought-leader in network forensics. The Endace Packet Forensics Files was born, and its first episode went live on June 18, 2020.

Host, Michael Morris, said, “Security is hard and rapidly changing so it is important that ‘the good guys’ in defending network security are sharing their knowledge just as the threat actors are sharing their attack techniques. The purpose of our vlog and podcast is to open up ideas for people to think about and learn about: issues like how to better secure their networks, discover things that work better when rolling out new tools, or simply things you can do to stay on top of the ever-increasing volume of security alerts. We want to provide thought-leadership and share insights to verticals, approaches, new technologies.

Guests in the fourteen episodes so far have included security and network experts – analysts, systems integrators, and technology partners. Companies interviewed include Enterprise Management Associates, DeFY Security, Palo Alto Networks, Gigamon, Cisco, Darktrace, and Keysight Technologies, and more. The vidcast/podcast continues to build audience, and will continue at full-steam in 2021 with new features, panel discussions, conversations with customers, and longer episodes.


• As the pandemic forces more people to work remotely, the Endace Packet Forensics Files provide an excellent way for isolated cybersecurity and network staff to keep up on the latest issues and trends.

• Networks are constantly under attack with cybersecurity threats. Because of its timely bi-weekly episodes, the insights provided from industry leaders on Packet Forensics Files allow for Endace customers to learn ways and tools to better secure networks, deploy new technologies, or how to stay on top of timely issues and concerns

• Endace’s strong relationships with world-leading security technology vendors, and with security practitioners means it is ideally suited to gather and share thought-leadership content with the community of security and network management professionals. Endace is dedicated to helping in the fight against cybercrime and nation-state-based cyberthreats by arming the cyberdefense community with information about best practice cyberdefense.