Enea Qosmos ixEngine

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionSoftware


Enea Qosmos ixEngine® is a carrier-grade L2-L7 traffic classification and deep packet inspection (DPI) engine. It provides security vendors with real-time information on traffic flows including applications, services, data, users, devices and transactions. This crucial intelligence supports a broad range of security functions in the cloud and on-premise. At present, Enea Qosmos ixEngine supports over 3600 protocols and applications (more than any other vendor on the market), and it can produce thousands of types of metadata to support unique customer requirements. Other features of note include:

• First Packet Advantage:
For high accuracy in rule-based policy from the first packet in a flow

• Extensive Cloud & IoT Coverage:
To meet high enterprise demand for Cloud, SaaS, ICS, SCADA & IoT coverage

• Encrypted & Evasive Traffic Classification:
To safeguard essential visibility for network operations and cybersecurity

• Machine-Learning Based Traffic Categorization:
To maximize visibility in fully encrypted environments in which no clear data remains

• Automated DPI:
To boost performance by classifying previously unknown traffic using automated algorithms

• Custom Signature Module:
To easily meet customer demand for enterprise- or location-specific signatures

• Deep File Inspection:
To enhance security by extracting file metadata and detecting file anomalies

• Transactional DPI:
To support advanced policies based on application-specific user actions

• LibDevice Module:
To improve routing and security with device-based rules

• Rule Engine:
To accelerate product time-to-market

• Man-in-the-Middle Indicator:
To detect potential MITM attacks

Achieving the level of detail and speed of analysis required to effectively detect and contain network attacks before harm is done is a major challenge for security products. Embedding the Enea Qosmos ixEngine helps vendors address this challenge. It provides the granular visibility that enables security solutions to accurately map traffic flows, understand network activity and immediately identify suspicious behavior.

How we are different

• Enea Qosmos ixEngine® recognizes over 3600 protocols, more than any other DPI library on the market, giving the most detailed view of network traffic available (including essential insights into encrypted traffic)

• This unparalleled traffic intelligence plays a central role in enabling network and perimeter defense systems to effectively detect and respond to internal and external cyber threats.

• The visibility also enriches analytics platforms dedicated to detecting and assessing advanced persistent threats that have used evasive techniques to bypass traditional defenses.