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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


enSilo is the only cybersecurity vendor with post-infection real-time blocking capabilities and automated, machine-learning based, incident response capabilities (aka as playbooks). Our main responsibility for our customers is preventing data breaches, blocking the spreading of malware and protecting against ransomware or any file tampering. During the outbreak of WannaCry, enSilo successfully blocked the lateral-movement and ransomware attempts out-of-the-box even after a successful infiltration. Our dedicated team continuously improves our product to be updated with the progressive threat landscape. Our approach is a simple approach – prevent what you know, contain successful infiltrations and respond differently according to the circumstances. enSilo’s platform is unlike other cybersecurity vendors that concentrate on blocking attackers from entering systems or retroactively classify audited host actions, enSilo’s real-time protection and automated incident response capabilities provide our customers multilayered automated protection and response, pre- and post-infection to be sure data is intact and response was taken even if the machine was already compromised. enSilo’s platform works in real-time at all times and requires capped amount of resources.

This year, enSilo’s Endpoint Protection Platform was tested by extensive product reviews performed by NSS LABS, SC Media, AV Test, and proved successful with the testing results.

In April 2018, enSilo’s Endpoint Security Platform received an NSS Labs recommended rating after achieving these results in the Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Group Test : 100% malware block rate of HTTP, email, docs, scripts, offline threats and resistance to evasions.
Also, in April 2018, SC Media product tested enSilo’s Endpoint Protection Platform and had this positive response: “We were very impressed with the enSilo platform”.
In March 2018, AV-TEST tested enSilo’s Endpoint Security Platform, and we outperformed every other endpoint solution on the market to stop both known and unknown malware types.

How we are different

- Real-time protection even on already compromised devices - enSilo’s platform is the only platform that enables real-time containment of malicious activities associated with already infiltrated attacks.

- Orchestrated Event Management - Customized classification based playbooks enabling an automated, machine learning based response requiring no additional staff.

- Thought Leadership - enSilo disclosed significant amounts of evasion techniques, vulnerabilities, embracing malware campaigns and attacking tools including: Turning tables (, Process Doppelganging (, DarkGate ( and L0rdix (