Enzoic for Active Directory

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
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Data breaches have leaked billions of user credentials on the internet and dark web. The pervasive problem of password reuse is complicating this issue:

· 91% of respondents in one study claim to understand the risks of password reuse but 59% do it anyway

· Nearly 25% of IT security leaders in another study admit to using the same passwords across work and personal sites

In this environment, if an individual reuses the same password across personal and professional accounts, a breach on one site jeopardizes the security of their accounts on all other sites. That’s where Enzoic comes in.

The enterprise-focused cybersecurity company is committed to preventing account takeover and fraud through compromised credential detection. Organizations use its solutions to screen user and Active Directory accounts for exposed username and password combinations to identify accounts at risk and mitigate unauthorized access.

Preventing the use of exposed credentials is the key to shoring up password vulnerabilities. Organizations are aware of the need for identity management to safeguard their information assets against the threats of ransomware, criminal hacking, phishing, and other malware attacks, yet too many are oblivious to the vulnerability of credential security—and how technology can solve it.

How we are different

To combat the inherent vulnerabilities of exposed credentials, many companies utilize static blacklists of known, compromised credentials. Some organizations even curate their own. However, given that multiple breaches occur daily, this approach does not effectively address the full scope of the problem.

1) Continuous Credential Security - Where many solutions only check the integrity of passwords at creation, Enzoic goes further by offering continuous screening against a robust, dynamic database housing billions of exposed username and password pairs. This ensures not only the security of newly created passwords, but also the ongoing security of existing ones by automatically identifying and remediating any that become compromised over time..

2) Expansive threat intelligence - Unlike most providers that depend on third-party free resources, Enzoic leverages a dedicated in-house threat research team and proprietary tools that monitor both the surface internet and dark web, capturing the deepest data sets and ensuring the earliest possible detection of compromised passwords. This comprehensive, continuously updated database of compromised credentials bolsters real-time threat detection and response capabilities to offer the most complete protection of credentials in Active Directory.

3) Low user friction - While most authentication hardening such as MFA or one-time-passwords introduce additional steps to the login process, Enzoic operates seamlessly in the background, ensuring compromised credentials are quickly identified and mitigated to streamline the user experience while enhancing security.