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Modern Attacks Rely on Credentials
To attackers, external or internal, valid credentials are a coveted asset. Whether the attacker is a rogue insider or someone who has obtained valid credentials through social engineering techniques, the ability to roam the network with impunity puts valuable data at risk. In log data, activities are easily hidden due to the inability to see the subtle differences in behaviors and access characteristics. Yet, this phase of the classic attack chain often represents the lengthiest portion of the attack.

Overwhelmed by Security Noise
Thousands of security events are reported every day, all fighting for attention. Security analysts are entering the workforce with less and less real world experience. There’s no longer a place for complex tools that make you click-and-pivot through an ocean of data asking questions of your data one at a time.

Normal and Risky Activity:
The Behavioral Difference
The hardest problem for the security team becomes separating risky behaviors from normal user behaviors. Employees and the attackers that impersonate them have different objectives and divergent behaviors. Rogue insiders behave differently from their peers. Subtle behavioral differences and access characteristics aren’t captured and tracked in your security information and event management system.

How we are different

See Value Immediately
Exabeam works on the log data you are already collecting. It requires absolutely no agents or network taps to be installed, and can begin providing analysis of behavior shortly after installation. Exabeam UBA provides fast, tangible value, not a science project.

Catch Attacks Early
Exabeam is the only UBA vendor to provide Stateful User Tracking™, a technique for connecting the dots across a user’s multiple sessions, IP addresses, devices, and account credentials. By fitting these activities together over time, only Exabeam can determine risky vs. normal behavior to assign risk and catch attacks before they spread.

Turbocharge SOC Teams
Today, attack response involves long, manual investigations that take weeks or longer. A shortage of trained security analysts makes the problem even worse. Only Exabeam automates much of the investigation process, guiding analysts and dramatically increasing productivity and effectiveness.