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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Expanse protects the world’s most important organizations by discovering risks on the Internet that no one else can find. Expanse customers comprise more than 10 percent of the routable Internet and rely on the Expanse Internet Operations Management Platform to discover, manage, and secure their global Internet Assets. Using patented data collection, processing, and analysis technology, Expanse improves visibility, governance, and IT operations, reducing risk associated with Internet Assets and enabling a secure digital transformation. Founded in 2012, Expanse is headquartered in San Francisco and is backed by more than $135M in funding.

How we are different

● Organizations are managing more Internet Assets than ever before. But with the rise of the cloud, remote workers, and the decentralization of IT, it’s challenging to keep track of all these assets and their communications. Existing solutions fall short when it comes to discovering and monitoring unsanctioned, unknown, or misconfigured assets. Organizations need a foundational system of record for their Internet Assets that includes continuous global discovery and monitoring to assess, manage, and reduce their attack surface.
● Expanse indexes the entire Internet to collect data about every device connected to it (1 petabyte/day). From there, Expanse builds out a comprehensive inventory of all an organization’s Internet Assets, including IP ranges, certificates, and domains. Expanse also surfaces any exposures present on each of those assets that could be attacked or exploited. With this knowledge, Expanse is able to provide companies with a comprehensive, continuously updated inventory of all of their Internet Assets and their details, including associated exposures, non-compliant configurations, and risky communication behaviors.
● Unlike its competitors, Expanse helps enterprise IT operations teams discover and monitor their Internet-connected assets, generally discovering 30% more assets on average than previously monitored.