FireEye Cloudvisory

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Managing complex, multi-cloud environments is a reality for the majority of enterprises. However, legacy security tools that bolt-on to existing deployments slow down cloud operations and can create massive security blind spots. By consolidating these environments into one consistent interface, FireEye Cloudvisory offers security teams centralized visibility, continuous compliance and in-line governance of organization security policies. This removes the complexity of multi-cloud management while minimizing the impact of a potential incident.

Cloudvisory identifies and analyzes threats earlier in the attack cycle to automatically evaluate security posture. While many organizations are moving to the cloud, attackers are exploring this new attack surface. FireEye Cloudvisory is a cloud-native security solution for private, public, and hybrid cloud environments that gives security teams unified control over cloud sprawl through centralized visibility, continuous compliance and in-line enforcement of organization security policies. Unlike legacy and/or one-off security tools that fail at cloud scale, introduce deployment complexity (e.g. agents, appliances, physical firewalls, virtual firewalls, etc.), support a limited set of (public only) cloud providers, and/or require greater investment in talent and deployment, Cloudvisory can provide central single-pane visibility into assets, workloads and associated security controls and events across an organization’s cloud infrastructure; remediate compliance failures, without any need for extra deployment components such as agents, appliances and functions; and block and quarantine attacks using cloud-native microsegmentation

This multi-cloud context is amplified by our unrivaled threat intelligence. Cloudvisory customers can easily implement security and governance policies for their cloud and container platforms based on frontline Mandiant knowledge of attacker tools and techniques. These insights are continually being fed back into the Cloudvisory solution to inform better detection of emerging threats.

How we are different

When it comes to the cloud, visibility is everything, as it’s not uncommon for organizations to have deployed a wide mix of cloud-based applications and tools. FireEye Cloudvisory serves as a control center for cloud security management across any security environment – private, public and hybrid. Cloudvisory provides continuous compliance assurance for multi-account, multi-cloud and multi-operating system environments. Competing products may provide limited compliance solutions based off limited visibility, which yield inconsistent results and limited value in an organization’s compliance assurance practices. Additionally, Cloudvisory governance delivers cloud-native governance of governance policies through direct communication with cloud provider APIs. Without relying on workload-based agents, Cloudvisory completely automates the collection, processing and primary analysis of security events from workloads and cloud services across multiple cloud accounts and cloud providers. 

FireEye acquired Cloudvisory in January 2020 as a means of combining cloud visibility with unrivaled insights into the threat landscape. The FireEye Cloudvisory solution, fully integrated into the broader FireEye cloud security portfolio, was made available in May 2020 stand-alone or integrated with the FireEye Helix security operations platform to inform intelligence, orchestrated responses to detected incidents. 

Building on the core platform, FireEye has provided the expertise and resources behind many additional innovations, such as the ability to:  Integrate detection and response for cloud environments (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, OpenStack, traditional virtualized, bare metal) automatically feeding cloud security event data to the FireEye Helix advanced correlation engine ; Orchestrate intelligent, automatic responses to cloud security issues by extending Cloudvisory’s cloud-native remediations with customizable workflows/playbooks for business processes (e.g. ServiceNow) ; Build a cloud security practice for tomorrow while improving cloud security posture today; and Easily convert Mandiant baseline into an ongoing cloud security practice with FireEye Cloudvisory.