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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Continued Customer Growth:
Our customer base continues to expand, now spanning 21 verticals, including leading organizations in the Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Technology, and Telecommunications sectors. Our customers represent nine (9) of the top 10 global financial institutions, three (3) of the top five (5) US Health Insurance providers, three (3) of the top 10 US Retailers, and four (4) of the top 10 US media and telecommunications providers.

Launch of Flashpoint Advisory Services:
Since many organizations may require additional support to further develop their in-house capabilities to address their intelligence needs, we launched Flashpoint Advisory Services in 2017, a new offering which aims to help entities – regardless of industry, size, or skill-level – mature their intelligence operations and capabilities while gleaning even more value from our uniquely-tailored Deep & Dark Web intelligence. We closed 10 advisory services deals in Q1 alone, highlighting our clients’ need for this strategic offering.

Industry Collaboration:
We recently partnered with Facebook to combat the spread of jihadist propaganda ( and were also recognized in a U.S. Department of Justice press release due to our assistance on the investigation of the Mirai botnet – which resulted in guilty pleas by three of Mirai’s creators (

Launch of Flashpoint Intelligence Platform 3.0:
On May 24 we introduced Flashpoint Intelligence Platform 3.0, the latest version of our BRI platform offering new features and customizations to provide a finished intelligence experience for our customers. The platform grants users access to our expansive archive of intelligence reports and Deep & Dark Web data, where they can browse finished intelligence reports, or click directly into sanitized copies of original threat actor conversations.

How we are different

- Flashpoint is the global leader in delivering Business Risk Intelligence (BRI). Flashpoint's focus on Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) rather than cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is a crucial differentiator. While CTI's reliance on technical indicators and threat detection lends itself to a limited array of use cases, BRI's strategic, cross-functional nature enables not just cybersecurity teams but all business units to address a broad spectrum of the cyber and physical threats contributing to their organization's overall risk.

- Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) broadens the scope of cyber intelligence beyond threat detection to provide relevant context to business units not traditionally afforded the benefits of intelligence derived from the Deep & Dark Web. Customers that leverage Flashpoint's data, tools, and expertise address an unmatched variety of complex use cases pertaining to cybersecurity, fraud, insider threats, physical security, M&A due diligence, vendor risk, supply chain integrity, and others. Government agencies also leverage our intelligence, to support investigations, prosecutions, military operations, run trend analyses on political risk exposure and threat landscapes, tipping and lead development, provide warning of noteworthy geopolitical activity, and monitor behaviors and emerging trends, many of which affect critical infrastructure, policy, and threats to federal programs.

- Many vendors focus heavily on open web data, typically tracking online mentions of brands and stakeholders via sources such as search engines, social media, and pastebin sites. However, by the time such data reaches the open web, it is likely outdated and already been exploited by threat actors operating within the Deep & Dark Web. Flashpoint's Intelligence Platform enables users to access our expansive archive of intelligence reports, in addition to the same Deep & Dark Web forums our analysts investigate and research. Customers are able to leverage our platform to access, search and investigate the Deep & Dark Web safely, to proactively detect and address the imminent and trending threats facing their business.