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Fluency Corp is reinventing security software, incorporating the newest technologies to make operations scale effectively. Based in the Washington DC area focused on generating true value for our customers.

Fluency Corp aims to make good security affordable and easy-to-use. Our founders took time in developing our product Fluency, but our company also. Knowledge is empowerment. As we engage customers through product, we also aim at giving better knowledge on events in your network and how your security posture actually operates. Fluency is open & integrates with existing security solutions protecting current investments.

Fluency is Next Generation Incident Response utilizing Big Data Analytics. Fluency provides the ability to take in network flow data as well as multiple log feeds from disparate security solutions. Fluency analyzes, fuses, cross correlates flow & log data. Fluency then further validates the alerts against reputation & validation engines.

The result is Fluency finds the events that did not create an alert through its big data analytics. Fluency provides security teams the insight to recover systems and plug holes before they become large or public. Fluency continues to monitor for further signs of threats and IOC’s.

Because Fluency is utilizing patent pending Big Data Analytics & incorporating Full Packet Capture it can provide immediate value, fast ROI & improves the security posture for organization. Fluency’s patent pending technology performs at speeds of 2,160x faster than pivots by SIEMs and 161x faster than the most popular big data solutions. This means a query that takes 20 minutes in a relational database (SIEM), will take 90 seconds in a big data solution whereas it only takes half a second in Fluency. By removing the penalty of time analysts can be interactive, ask and discover. Fast access to data means better security even for the most average of security tasks.

How we are different

Fluency’s vision empowers decisions through a holistic view of the network, fusing the ability to monitor traffic with SIEM-like capability. The approach of SIEMs today is outdated; believing that all the data needed to respond is in the events of security alerts. Fluency leverages big data & packet monitoring to provide more information, not less. Fluency is a new type of centralized management that integrates like/or with a SIEM utilizing Big Data to provide vision from packet-to-response:

-Time is your greatest asset: A big data infrastructure allows interactive search over an extremely large data set. While traditional SIEM technology is pressed to show fused attributes of a session, Fluency provides it in milliseconds. Fluency cuts the time from hours to seconds, improving response time while lowering analysis costs. This is not because Fluency is managing a smaller data set, just the opposite. Single node servers can handle a billion events a day & can be clustered to handle more.

-Integration empowers perspective: No man is an island; similarly no security product is either. Fluency implements a service bus. It is best described as making remote services object-oriented. It’s a bi-directional protocol exchange that enables clients to expose services to other authenticated nodes. A service bus implements messaging, REST and stream as its arguments, handling the process of the service flow by the service itself. The result is two fold: Faster integration to data sources & consistent service quality as the service object handles the process flow and error response instead of the client.

-Big Data Analytics: Data analytics is critical for reducing cost of security operations dramatically reducing noise & false alerts correlating high-priority alerts across activity providing the big picture.

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