Forescout Continuum Platform – Critical Infrastructure Security

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CompanyForescout Continuum Platform – Critical Infrastructure Security
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Forescout plays a vital role in helping critical infrastructure
organizations stay ahead of evolving operational technology
(OT) risks with its Continuum Platform– the world’s first
automated cybersecurity solution that protects organizations’
entire digital terrains.

The Continuum Platform provides 100% asset visibility
across IT, OT, IoT and IoMT environments with no blind
spots and flexibility to choose from 30+ active and passive
discovery techniques for complete coverage across
locations, networks and asset types. The platform then
assesses connected devices using real-time multi-factor risk
analysis and scoring (on-connect and continuously
thereafter). These capabilities empower customers to refine
network traffic policies, which can be simulated to ensure a
non-disruptive segmentation project, and align their digital
reality with their security frameworks. In addition, the
Continuum Platform automates security policies ensuring
continuous compliance of all connected assets.
Forescout leads the industry with its in-depth asset visibility
and industrial context understanding, leveraging deep
package inspection of 250+ OT/IoT/IT protocols and 20+
years of cybersecurity experience. This knowledge and
understanding enables industrial organizations worldwide to
secure their digital terrain and lay the foundation for zero
trust architectures.

The Continuum Platform automates responses to emerging
threats by enforcing flexible mitigation actions, from modest
(e.g. opening a service ticket) to stringent (e.g. enforcing
network segmentation), protecting vulnerable devices while
keeping critical assets online. The platform’s automatic, real-
time asset inventory enables targeted and timely
remediation actions based on potential business impact,
reducing valuable response time and potential human error
from manual mitigations to ensure critical OT/ICS systems
operate securely without disruption.

To expand the capabilities of the Continuum Platform,
Forescout unveiled Continuum Timeline– a cloud-native
SaaS platform that operates as a seamless extension of the
Continuum Platform and provides enhanced, cloud-based
data retention, search and historical analytics of all assets in
an organization’s digital terrain.

How we are different

1. The Forescout Continuum Platform is the only
platform that continuously identifies and
automatically remediates risk from all cyber assets
in the modern enterprise. The platform leads the
industry by covering 250+ protocols (growing
monthly) and is the only solution that can automate
security policies ensuring continuous compliance of
every connected device across an organization’s
digital terrain. These capabilities position
organizations to adhere to industry standards and
avoid unnecessary budgetary complications while
keeping critical ICS assets and systems online.

2. Forescout Timeline expands on the Continuum
Platform’s compliance, threat detection and
response capabilities to support and take action on
connected assets in an organization’s digital terrain.
Timeline automatically ingests, enriches, and
normalizes data from the Continuum Platform and
stores it in a massively scalable data lake. This
enhances compliance efforts and accelerates threat
detection and response by enabling security and
process operations teams to query, investigate and
leverage essential data from 100% of assets in a
digital terrain, across time.

3. Forescout’s Continuum Platform supports numerous
Forescout services that provide threat visibility and
mitigation guidance to customers and the broader
cybersecurity community. This includes Forescout’s
research team’s (Vedere Labs) work, Forescout’s
complimentary threat hunting service for under-
resourced security teams (Forescout Frontline) and
Forescout Assist for OT/ICS– an extension of an
organization’s existing IT and security teams
providing organizations with 24/7 security
monitoring, risk analysis and triage of connected
asset threats. As a specific example of leveraged
Continuum insights, in June 2022, Vedere Labs
unveiled one of the largest disclosures of OT
security vulnerabilities through its OT:ICEFALL
research. This research uncovered 56 vulnerabilities
and insecure-by-design practices for securing OT
systems that impact devices from major
manufacturers such as Siemens, Emerson and
Honeywell. As with other Forescout services,
Continuum played a crucial role in discovering and
assessing vulnerabilities found in this initiative.