ForeScout Technologies, Inc

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Company size (employees)500+


It’s forecasted that two-thirds of all enterprises will have an IoT-based security breach within the next two years. While there is no shortage of ongoing attacks in the enterprise today, businesses are still naive when it comes to their level of risk. Complacency around IoT as a serious enterprise threat vector is the biggest risk. Moreover, it took 25 years for the world to get to 5 billion connected devices, but with the explosion of the IoT we can expect to see around 30 billion devices by 2020, and an entirely new approach to security is required. Device proliferation and IoT deployments are easy targets for cyber criminals, and enterprises are often unaware just how vulnerable their network is. Networks and users have become very dynamic—companies need to see what’s connected to the network and be able to control that in order to secure their assets. Endpoints such as IP-connected medical devices, smart thermostats, conference-calling equipment and power grids within the network are generally left out of the security sphere. ForeScout’s security solution provides the unique ability to see the “invisible” Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and IoT devices, enforce policy-based control of these devices, orchestrate information sharing and automate workflows among disparate security and IT management tools. The technology enriches over 70 security tools with its warehouse of device context enabling deliberate security orchestration across enterprise networks. ForeScout’s solutions integrate with leading network, security, mobility and IT management products to overcome security silos, automate workflows and enable significant cost savings.

How we are different

- Following ForeScout’s launch in 2000, the company quickly became the leader in network security with its network access control product and has now carved out a leadership position in the emerging IoT security market. ForeScout has a proven business and technology, which has led them to tremendous market validation.
- The company raised an additional $80 million in funding to scale operations and meet the global demand of its technology—receiving a valuation of $1 billion in a market that's estimated to be worth $170 billion by 2020. The company achieved in excess of $125 million in revenue in fiscal year 2015 (77% YOY growth) and is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in a high growth security segment, with more than 2,000 customers worldwide.
- The company has a very well established sales channel—with more than 90 percent of its business being sold through distribution partners, which enables ForeScout to meet the growing demand for IoT security. The company has a distinguished and experienced leadership team with CEO Michael DeCesare (former McAfee/Intel Security president) and two industry luminaries, David Dewalt (FireEye CEO) and Enrique Salem (former Symantec CEO), on its Board of Directors.