Forescout – Threat Intelligence

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CompanyForescout Technologies Inc.
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


This year, Forescout launched its Continuum Platform – the world’s first automated cybersecurity solution to help organizations continuously identify and mitigate cyber threats related to all vulnerable connected assets (IT, OT, IoT and IoMT) through real-time asset inventories and automated control of risk remediations. By providing real-time intelligence– such as device communications and risky behavior– and rapid threat detection and response, the platform enables companies to make intelligent, up-to-date security and business decisions.

Forescout expands its platform’s threat intelligence offerings by investing in innovations and company acquisitions. Forescout recently released Continuum Timeline– a cloud-native SaaS platform and extension of the Continuum Platform that provides enhanced cloud-based data retention, search and historical analytics of 100% of assets in an organization’s digital terrain, accelerating threat detection and response by enabling security teams to query, investigate and leverage essential data from all assets, across time.

Aside from Timeline, Forescout acquired Cysiv, a cybersecurity company that uses its cloud platform to improve threat detection and response with vendor-agnostic support for over 170 third-party data sources, including endpoint, network and cloud, and a data science and automation-driven approach. The integration of Cysiv’s product into Forescout Continuum enables SecOps teams to efficiently identify, investigate and respond to known and unknown threats that are increasingly able to bypass existing security controls.

The Continuum Platform informs the work of many Forescout initiatives that are critical to the cybersecurity community at large. Forescout’s research team, Vedere Labs, leverages insights from the platform bringing advanced threat intelligence to customers and the broader cybersecurity community via threat feeds, government advisories, alert systems and Forescout’s Global Cyber Intelligence Dashboard.

Forescout’s complimentary threat hunting and incident response service for under-resourced organizations, Forescout Frontline, leverages Continuum to gather comprehensive risk insights and prioritize mitigation strategies.

How we are different

● Forescout’s Continuum Platform is the only solution to identify and provide intelligence across all connected assets (IoT, OT, IIoT, IoMT and IT) while automating controls to enforce continuous compliance and automatic risk remediation. The automated nature of the platform (identification, analysis, remediation) allows customers to operate global networks safely with minimal human resources, saving valuable response time and manual attention for tracking threats. And, the platform works with customers’ existing networking equipment infrastructures, allowing them to mix-and-match networking equipment and maximize their investments in each solution. It deploys efficiently at large-enterprise scale– managing over two million endpoints per deployment– without the need for infrastructure upgrades, resulting in faster ROI and lower TCO.

● Forescout continues to enhance its platform’s threat detection, analysis and response capabilities with innovations and acquisitions. This includes the platform’s cloud-native extension that enables security teams to query, investigate and leverage essential data from 100% of the assets in a digital terrain across time, and the integration with Cysiv’s cloud platform to automatically collect and analyze asset and network communications data, reducing millions of data points into actionable true threats, automatically.

● The Continuum Platform leverages insights from Forescout’s Device Cloud to bring increased device intelligence and improved auto-classification to customers and Vedere Labs. Forescout’s Device Cloud is the world’s largest crowdsourced data lake of device fingerprints from over 18.7 million assets of all types across many of the world’s largest and highly targeted companies – which informs the analysis of more than 150 attributes per device.