ForgeRock Identity Platform

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionHybrid


According to ForgeRock’s 2019 U.S. Consumer Data Breach Report, more than 2.8 billion consumer records were exposed in 342 breaches—at an estimated total cost of more than $654 billion in 2018. Our report also reveals that enterprises invested $114 billion in information security products—a 12.4% increase from 2017.

While organizations heavily invest in security tools to defend against threats, they still struggle to neutralize cybercriminals’ incessant appetite for data. Companies need to consider modern, intelligent authentication methods that provide fine-grained authorization to protect and secure resources.

ForgeRock’s Identity Platform is a single unified solution that enables companies to manage a vast quantity of digital identities, including that of employee and customers, on new cloud, mobile and IoT services. With our adaptive security intelligence, companies can strike the right balance between security and user choice to deliver a more secure and meaningful experience across all digital touchpoints at any point and time. Additionally, ForgeRock enables a seamless registration and login process by simplifying the authentication process for users and building common user profiles. Users can conveniently leverage the same identity across applications and devices and even business units, in order to seamlessly interact with a company’s services instantly. To prevent insider threats before they happen, ForgeRock’s employee access management, including single sign-on, gives organizations real-time, contextual security to protect even the most carefree employee. Furthermore, the platform also aids with customer identity access managements by protecting and respecting the preferences of individual customers on whatever device, app or service that is in use.

Ultimately, ForgeRock aims to transform the way organizations approach IAM to deliver trusted digital relationships that improve personalized customer experiences and drive greater value. From security giants to government entities, a global portfolio of organizations entrusts ForgeRock with managing billions of identities on a daily basis.

How we are different

• The platform deploys on any cloud (including bring-your-own-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud models) in minutes with preconfigured cloud installation packages of 1M, 10M, and 100M identities.
• The entire platform is DevOps ready, allowing teams to build and maintain a production-grade, devops-enabled, referenceable, cloud ready architecture, with supporting DevOps practices using Docker (for containers) and Kubernetes (as the orchestration platform).
• ForgeRock has an incredible partner ecosystem of more than 50+ technologies that are pre-ready to plug into the platform.