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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Sentinel Technologies proudly presents Fortis by Sentinel: a comprehensive portfolio of security services and solutions designed to proactively protect every aspect of your digital and physical environment. Our goal is to ensure your organization has the most effective tools to defend its systems, data, and users against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

As the number of cyberattacks continues to increase at an exponential level, Fortis by Sentinel remains vigilant in our mission to stop breaches before they occur. It can start with expert advice, available through our assessments, consulting, workshops, and penetration testing. We are fighting for you with 24x7x365 ActiveDefense monitoring of your environment through our Security Operations Center (SOC) and SIEM (powered by Splunk), along with other enforcement measures to help lower the time to detect and respond to active threats.

Organizations with smaller IT teams or ones that simply prefer to focus on other aspects of their environment can take advantage of Fortis by Sentinel’s Managed Security Services, which focuses on keeping selected security solutions optimized and up to date in accordance with the highest of compliance standards. Should an organization face a breach, attack, or other security incident, Fortis offers Incident Response services on both a retainer and emergency basis. Our team is exceptionally fast and will not only work to shut down an attack, but will assist in the recovery and forensics investigation to determine the root cause.

How we are different

• People – The Fortis by Sentinel team is comprised of highly experienced and skilled security professionals with extensive certifications from many industry-leading vendors. They take time to learn about the specific needs of each customer in order to deliver streamlined, best-of-breed solutions in conjunction with a battalion of our innovative security partners. That includes high-touch SOC monitoring and extended detection & response (XDR) services, which proactively patrol your network armed with the latest threat intelligence to help stop attacks before they can even start.

• Process – Fortis by Sentinel is committed to producing high quality results as efficiently as possible for our customers. This is why we have embraced professional project management as the cornerstone of every project we undertake. Our highly experienced project management team aims to add simplicity, efficiency, and clarity to that process through our unique blend of formal planning techniques and sophisticated virtualized workflows. We provide guidance, clear communication, and detailed work assignments to help all project participants fully understand their roles, monitor progress, avoid unnecessary confusion, and minimize risk. also understand security is a living organism that needs to adapt with an ever-changing technology landscape.

• Technology – Fortis by Sentinel's portfolio extends well beyond most security providers. Our capabilities as a single-source technology provider mean we are ready and willing to handle whatever needs or challenges your organization may be facing from a security perspective; no need to call ten different vendors with ten different approaches and ten different support teams. We will find the right solution or service to protect your environment, and if one doesn't exist, we will create something custom just for you. Then back it up with 24x7x365 support you can rely on.

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