Fortis by Sentinel Best Cybersecurity Company

Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


People, process, and technology are the primary factors that make Fortis unique. The Fortis team is comprised of more than 250 highly experienced and skilled security professionals with certifications from industry-leading vendors. They take time to learn about the specific needs of each customer in order to deliver streamlined, best-of-breed solutions in conjunction with a battalion of innovative security partners. That includes high-touch SOC monitoring and managed detection & response (MDR) services, which proactively patrol the customer’s network armed with the latest threat intelligence to help stop attacks before they can even start. Fortis also understands security is a living organism that needs to adapt with an ever-changing technology landscape. Fortis is committed to advancing their customer’s protection from end-to-end, so they can reduce risk, eliminate vulnerabilities, educate employees, secure critical systems and data, detect and respond to attacks, and recover their business when necessary.

How we are different

* Experience matters – The elite specialists from Fortis have performed triage, incident response, and remediation for hundreds of organizations across many different industries. While studies show that a majority of companies do not survive for longer than six months following a significant cyberattack, the Fortis IR team has helped 100% of their customers achieve a solid recovery and remain in business.

* Proven strategy – The Fortis team understands the current threat landscape and bases the tools and methodologies they use on industry best practices. Fortis incident response experts use best-of-breed security products in order to contain a threat, then work with the customer to restore operations, reduce the attack vector, and perform forensics analysis so they can recover quickly.

* Analysis and reporting – It’s important to obtain as many details as possible about an attack on a customer’s organization, so they can understand how the bad actor gained access to their environment, what actions they took and damage they caused once inside, along with guidance on ways to prevent this from happening again in the future. Fortis specialists conduct a forensics analysis and detail all IR findings in documentation that can be used as a building block to further harden an organizations security posture.