Fortis by Sentinel Cybersecurity Assessment

Additional Info

CompanyFortis by Sentinel
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionService


Security assessments deliver unique in-depth insights along with a strategic roadmap that can not only help strengthen the protection of critical assets but also improve breach response efficiency and recovery time. A security assessment also closely examines the current configuration of customer systems and applications in comparison to accepted best practices, providing guidance and recommendations to bring them into proper alignment if needed. This helps ensure the organization gets the most from its security investments. Fortis experts also interview members of the organization’s team to gain business-level insight into operations and where improvements can be made.

Fortis offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations of an organizations entire security operation to determine if their infrastructure, applications, and endpoints are correctly configured and implemented in ways that minimize risk and align with the organization’s security policies.

Fortis’ certified experts stay current with security trends and the ever-evolving threat landscape, looking for weaknesses or gaps in coverage, misconfigurations or delays in patching, as well as any areas that fail to meet compliance requirements. Fortis then provides guidance on improvements and remediation of the customer’s environment.

How we are different

* Fortis security assessments allow customers to Identify potential vulnerabilities and security gaps within their environment.

* Fortis security assessment give customers the ability to test the efficacy of their current security investments and learn how to optimize operations and maximize ROI for their security investments.

* Fortis security assessments provide customers with a strong security strategy in accordance with best practices and compliance requirements.