Fortis by Sentinel Extended Detection and Response

Additional Info

CompanyFortis by Sentinel
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


Fortis by Sentinel’s ActiveDefense Extended Detection and Response (XDR) services are powered by Splunk. Our XDR utilizes a single platform that can ingest endpoint agent data, network-level information, and device logs. This data is correlated through custom development work from the Fortis DevOps team, so detections can occur from one or many sources of telemetry.

Fortis by Sentinel XDR functions like a funnel, starting with Fortis ActiveDefense Insights, which processes more than 2.2 billion customer logs each day. Machine learning and artificial intelligence analyze the remaining data after the Insights filter, armed with automated playbooks and known indicators of compromise to spot suspicious activity while eliminating a vast majority of non-threats and false alarms. The remaining logs, typically less than 10% of the initial total, are closely examined by qualified Fortis SOC (Security Operations Center) experts to cooperatively identify and validate threats. Action can then be taken to quarantine and/or remediate legitimate threats

Fortis XDR enables faster response, recommendations, and guidance to help customers arrive at a solution sooner, reducing both the probability and impact of a disruption to service. Constant updates and adjustments to Fortis by Sentinel XDR’s filtering and identification processes also ensure our cybersecurity strategies evolve in line with the changing threat landscape.

Key Capabilities / Features

• Actionable alerts, delivered direct to your organization and ranked by priority level
• Complete detection across your entire environment, including all vectors and vendors
• Enables your organization to deliver rapid and accurate threat response
• View all threats and alerts in a single platform for a simpler, more cohesive user experience
• Avoid alert fatigue and other aspects of security management, enabling your team to devote more time to productivity and further strengthening organizational security posture

How we are different

• Innovation and Evolution – Fortis by Sentinel’s XDR takes advantage of the latest technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, to deliver a service that manages to move at lightning speed while retaining the expertise and analysis of our team. This intense filtration process ensures rapid detection, as almost all of the noise and false positives are removed and what remains is quickly verified by the Fortis SOC before the customer receives an alert. The faster the detection, the faster the response, the less amount of time an attacker can cause trouble in your environment.

• Easy Integrations – Fortis by Sentinel’s XDR fits right into any organization’s security infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if your security stack is premise-based, in the cloud, or hybrid. It doesn’t matter if it’s comprised of solutions from one vendor or six. No matter the complexity or simplicity, we can integrate with existing security investments, so no coverage is lost and no additional purchases are required.

• Management and Support – Not only can Fortis by Sentinel provide XDR, but our extensive security portfolio includes a Managed Services option where we can handle the day-to-day operation of the solution in accordance with the specifications of each customer. This means we take care of maintenance, updates, policy changes, and other custom elements to ensure XDR remains in optimal condition. The Fortis 24x7x365 support team also stands ready to assist the moment any issue emerges.