Fortis by Sentinel Managed Security Service

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CompanyFortis by Sentinel
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionService


Organizations face a number of challenges when attempting to maintain strong security operations. Underfunding, understaffing, evolving/advanced threats, and frequent maintenance/updates are just a few of the factors that can result in dangerous gaps or inefficiencies within a security infrastructure. Fortis Managed Security services aim to improve customer’s protection and reduce the burden on their team by handling the monitoring, management, and support of their security systems and devices.

How we are different

* Managed Detection and Response - Fortis ActiveDefense Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services add advanced and cost-effective protection to any organization’s security operations via 24x7x365 threat monitoring, analytics, and remediation. Fortis ActiveDefense MDR focuses on rapid threat detection and validation. The Fortis SOC team of experts monitors customer environments 24x7x365 and uses data provided by the customer’s existing security tools integrated with Fortis’ own unique blend of security technologies to proactively analyze and investigate suspicious activities. If a legitimate threat is discovered, ActiveDefense MDR analysts will immediately send alerts and begin incident management processes.

* Extended Detection and Response - Fortis ActiveDefense Extended Detection and Response (XDR) leverages a single platform that can ingest endpoint agent data, network level information, and device logs. A benefit of XDR is that it allows analysts to view correlated detections in a single pane of glass and take appropriate response actions. This enables faster response, recommendations, and guidance to help the customer arrive at a solution sooner, reducing both the probability and impact of a disruption to service.

* Proactive Monitoring and Threat Hunting - Security technologies must be continuously monitored to ensure they are functioning properly. If a critical error occurs, the customer needs to know immediately so they can address the issue. Fortis Managed Security provides 24x7x365 proactive monitoring of the customers environment, alerting them to any changes in status or availability as well as keeping an eye out for potential performance issues or threats that could harm their operational integrity. This advanced level of visibility is overseen by the certified experts from Fortis’ Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC), who are trained to identify risks and uncover threats.