Fortis by Sentinel Security Monitoring

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CompanyFortis by Sentinel
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionService


Fortis offers a comprehensive suite of ActiveDefense Monitoring solutions designed to provide 24x7x365 threat protection and enhance a customer’s security posture. This multilayered approach enables Fortis to maintain a close eye on nearly every portion of the customer’s environment, making it easier to detect suspicious activity, issue alerts, mitigate significant threats, and achieve compliance. The Fortis team of highly certified experts stay up-to-date with the latest threat intelligence, and use that along with data from other monitoring customers to regularly generate custom insights, analysis, and recommendations aimed at helping the organization fine tune their security strategy. Fortis ActiveDefense Monitoring provides critical, real-time visibility into the risk factors that organizations face. In order to monitor the customer’s environment effectively, Fortis needs to assess their existing IT and security infrastructure, how it aligns with the rest of their organization and best practices, as well as any compliance or governance requirements that need to be met.

How we are different

* SD-WAN - Fortis offers software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solutions, which often include native monitoring capabilities. Unfortunately those native monitoring tools primarily focus on information related to performance and management, not security. SD-WAN implementation expands the network perimeter and significantly increases the number of endpoints, making it that much more difficult to protect from attacks. Fortis ActiveDefense has the ability to adapt and scale when monitoring a customer’s SD-WAN environment, so they can retain end-to-end visibility even as it changes with automation tools and/or additional vendors.

* Network - Fortis ActiveDefense Network Security Monitoring uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and forensic investigation to analyze a wide variety of factors, including payload, protocols, client-server communications, traffic flow, traffic patterns, and encrypted traffic sessions to deliver immense visibility into the customer’s network environment. Any attacks, relevant threats, or suspicious behavior discovered by the Fortis team of highly certified experts will result in an alert to the customer's administrators for next steps and containment activities.

* Adaptive Threat Response - Unique to Fortis ActiveDefense Monitoring is our Adaptive Threat Response (ATR). ATR provides automated threat blocking on most supported major next generation firewalls based on identification of potentially harmful behavior, and automatically blocks the potential attacker on secure edge devices. When ATR detects a bad actor scanning the environment and searching for weaknesses, machine learning kicks into action, forcing a rule to block the attacker and stop the attack before it can progress along the cyber kill chain and evolve into a cybersecurity incident. Fortis ATR responds automatically to threats and stops hundreds of thousands of bad activities daily.