Fortra™’s Advanced Email Security

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Email continues to be the most used channel for cyberattacks and a lucrative access point for sensitive data, and despite users’ current email security tools, too many threats are reaching inboxes.

Compatible with many email systems such as Microsoft 365, Fortra™’s Advanced Email Security has innovative features like deep content inspection, identity threat detection, and global inbox threat intelligence. These features deliver the capabilities needed to stop advanced threats, protect data, and remain compliant when other standard email security fails.

Typical content inspection is too shallow when reviewing files, URLs, images, and other content – allowing malicious code and sensitive data to slip past. Fortra’s Deep Content Inspection scans content in a multi-stage process leaving threats exposed even from inside the organization when employees accidentally or maliciously share sensitive data.

BEC and impersonation threats go right through traditional email security controls. Fortunately, Fortra’s Identity Threat Detection uses machine learning across trillions of messages to model trusted identities and relationships to detect and mitigate these threats, keeping them out of user inboxes.

Fortra’s best of breed spam detection is a multi-layered spam defense that also protects customers and business partners from malicious email spoofs with automated DMARC email authentication and brand spoof monitoring.

Experts continuously analyze threats that pass enterprise email defenses. This allows Fortra to gather intel to be used to proactively enrich Fortra Advanced Email Security solutions thereby stopping the email threats that other solutions miss.

Fortra offers a unique combination of in-depth features, many automatic, to protect email without becoming a barrier to continuous communication and productivity.

How we are different

Fortra Advanced Email Security offers an unprecedented level of cyberattack protection and data loss protection combatting even the toughest email security solutions.

Organizations in highly regulated industries such as defense, government, healthcare, and financial services rely on Fortra to ensure that data breach risks through email are minimized.

Email security features include identity threat detection, deep content inspection, global inbox threat intelligence, and DMARC Email Authentication. Additionally, unique sanitization features automatically remove active content such as ransomware or sensitive data hidden in image-based files, all without impacting productivity.