Fortra™’s Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Data loss is one of today’s constant threats to business. Sensitive or valuable data can be leaked accidentally or targeted by malicious actors looking to exfiltrate it for monetary gain. Threats can come from within the organization (the insider threat) or from the outside in the form of targeted cyber-attacks. Either way, when the data is lost, an organization also sustains a damaging loss to its reputation and a potential fine.

To avoid data leaks or data exfiltration, organizations apply data loss prevention (DLP) practices and tools to safeguard their critical business data. DLP focuses on minimizing the risk to the organization by detecting and preventing unauthorized or unsecured data egress before the breach occurs.

DLP is a key priority for any organization that handles sensitive data, especially for those operating in highly regulated industries such as dense, finance, government, and healthcare.

Fortra™’s Digital Guardian leading data loss prevention solution provides both Endpoint and Network DLP. Our DLP solution gives you the broadest coverage and control, including Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints, across multiple browsers, and nearly every application. Our agent captures and records events at the system, user, and data level, both when connected to the corporate network, or offline. Granular controls let you fine-tune responses based on user, risk level, or other factors. From simply logging all actions to automated blocking, you can prevent data loss before it happens.

How we are different

- Save onerous deployments using Fortra’s Digital Guardian. Our DLP can be deployed immediately with our “No Policy, No Problem – risk discovery” approach, enabling you to see data locations, dlows, and risks – all without policies.

- Powered by AWS, Fortra’s Digital Guardian data loss prevention is cloud delivered, providing simplified deployment, low overhead, and elastic scalability for increased return on security spent.

- The level of granularity Fortra’s Digital Guardian data loss prevention reaches is endless. Our solutions are fully flexible and customizable, meaning policies can be created to exact organizational requirements, ensuring the product will always work for the customer, and data is protected before it’s lost.