Fortra’s Terranova Security Awareness Training

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Fortra’s Terranova Security provides comprehensive awareness training that minimizes risky human behaviors through robust attack simulations and diverse, engaging content. Terranova Security’s platform enables organizations to assess their human vulnerability, develop positive security habits, and measurably improve security outcomes.

Key Capabilities / Features

High quality content design: Training content should be enjoyable and engaging while not detracting from the learning objectives. We constantly invest in content design to ensure our courses are aesthetically pleasing with modern design.

Modern adult learning techniques: While long-form training courses have their place, they are not enough to change behavior. We offer cyber games, nano-learning, immersive training, just-in-time training, role-based, quizzes, and communication tools (newsletters, posters, comics, etc.) to help administrators build and reinforce key security behaviors.

Accessible training materials: Our training materials satisfy common standards including A, AA, and WCAG 2.1. Additionally, we provide a broad range of formats that align with the preferences of today’s multi-generational workforce.

Intelligence-driven simulations: Administrators can run simulations using the latest phishing lure and landing page techniques. Simulations are fully customizable and can be delivered in multiple languages in a single campaign.

Phishing Report Button: We provide a fully customizable button that integrates with Microsoft and Google to make it easy for users to report suspicious emails. This button can seamlessly integrate with Fortra’s Suspicious Email Analysis service, which provides expert analysis and response. The button can also forward reported emails to the customer’s internal abuse mailbox.

Security Culture Index: The Terranova Security Platform uses dozens of data points to score human behavior risk. This enables administrators to clearly demonstrate improvements to security culture and risk while providing insight to create targeted risk-based campaigns.

Campaign management and automation: The Terranova Security Platform’s Campaign Manager simplifies the many tedious tasks involved in campaign design, execution, tracking, and reporting. Using Campaign Manager, administrators can easily deploy sophisticated training campaigns in a few clicks.

Easy deployment and integration: Terranova Security integrates with Microsoft and Google for SSO, directories, and more. Additionally, our platform integrates with leading enterprise SSO tools like Okta and OneLogin.

How we are different

Diverse, global, and accessible training content: Our content reflects the diversity of modern global enterprises. Translated in 40+ languages. Extensive library of courses delivered in a broad range of formats including nanolearning, microlearning, role-based, immersive games, just-in-time, etc. Satisfies accessibility standards including A, AA, WCAG 2.1.

High standard for interactivity and engagement: All our materials use modern design and take advantage of proven techniques, such as gamification and just-in-time training, to successfully engage employees and instill positive security behaviors.

Flexibility at enterprise scale: To successfully change employee behaviors, you must meet them where they are. Using our platform, administrators design and execute ongoing training programs that satisfy the diverse needs of their global workforce. We provide the frameworks, automation, and variety of content formats enterprises need to programmatically change behaviors, reinforce good habits, and weave security into their overall corporate culture.