Fraud Management System by LANCK Telecom

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CompanyLANCK Telecom
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


As a telecom service provider, we understand how crucial protection from Voice and SMS fraud is for telcos and enterprises. Hence we offer the Premium version of our Fraud Management System (FMS) free of charge for our partners. A stand-alone version of the solution with cloud-based and on-premise deployment is also available.
The FMS monitors voice and SMS traffic in real time, alerting and blocking fraud attacks before they can do any harm. It uses in-house developed mathematical models and machine learning algorithms to detect even the most well-disguised fraud schemes with 99,9+% accuracy – a metric high above the industry benchmark. The FMS AI engine is trained on 174+ million live call attempts daily. As a result, the FMS successfully detects the following types of fraud and undesirable voice traffic:
On inbound traffic: Wangiri Calls, Robocalls, Spam, Flashcalls
On outbound traffic: PBX Hacking, Wangiri Callbacks, Enterprise Callbacks Fraud, Conference Service Callbacks Fraud, International Revenue Share Fraud, Artificially Generated Traffic, False Answer Supervision, Call Stretching
The FMS is constantly being upgraded to stay ahead of emerging fraud threats. In 2022, we launched SMS anti-fraud capability. It protects enterprises and operators from Artificial SMS Generation (SMS OTP Fraud), SMS Phishing (SMishing), SMS Malware (SMS Hacking), SMS Originator Spoofing, Prohibited Content and Spam.
Our FMS stops 800+ attacks daily, saving our partners $6M+ monthly, and ensures quality voice and SMS services for our clients and their partners. It requires no effort from the partner, as we offer dedicated 24/7 SOC service. Additionally, the FMS control center interface is simple and user-friendly, making it easy to change blocking policies with a click.
Many operators do not have a sophisticated in-house fraud protection tool. LANCK Telecom’s FMS allows our partners to take advantage of the latest anti-fraud developments, avoiding development or maintenance costs.

How we are different

- In-house developed mathematical algorithms and AI engine ensure accurate real-time protection from all significant fraud types on inbound and outbound traffic
- 99.9+% fraud detection accuracy is high above the industry benchmark
- User-friendly interface, dedicated 24/7 SOC service and customizable extensions such as SMS anti-fraud