Fudo Security presents the Best PAM Solution for The Most Demanding Environments: Fudo Enterprise.

Additional Info

CompanyFudo Security Inc.
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionHybrid


Fudo Enterprise ( previous Fudo PAM) is an all-in-one software on-prem, virtual machine solution (hardware appliance as an option).

Fudo Enterprise provides the best protection for remote connections to Unix/Windows servers, databases, web applications, and network devices. With the Zero-Trust approach, users only have access to specific applications and accounts for a reason and when they really need it. Thanks to the proxy/bastion architecture, Fudo is a fully agentless product that you can deploy and start using the same day.

Used by thousands of users worldwide, Fudo is the perfect tool for managing access to DevOps, Admins, Privileged Employees, Freelancers, Subcontractors, Vendors, and all kinds of third-parties. Fudo is dedicated to non-technical users as well.

Fudo helps organizations to meet compliance requirements: PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, NIST, GDPR, ISA/IEC 62443.

How we are different

Fudo Enterprise ( previous Fudo PAM) is an Agentless, all-in-one, deployable in one day convenient Access Solution.Users can get access to their accounts easily and quickly. Users don’t have to change their habits, they can still use native clients or web clients if they want to.
Using the Just in Time feature, users can create access workflows that adhere to the Zero-Trust approach. Fudo provides you with a zero standing privileges philosophy. Fudo Enterprise allows you to configure the Single Sign On functionality for both Admin Panel and User Web Access Gateway. Single Sign On will allow you to automatically.authenticate the user when logging into the system.
Session Monitoring & Recording: now the administrators can control sessions with abilities to join, share, pause, or terminate any potentially suspicious session in real-time.
Share your resources over 10+ protocols including RDP, SSH, HTTPS, and record everything.
AI-Powered Prevention will support your day-to-day CISO responsibilities by providing necessary guidelines and easing the verification and monitoring process. If credentials are compromised, you will be notified in accordance with the behavioral and semantic schemes interpreted by the system.
Secret Management: with the most flexible password vault ever created, your credentials never leave our system. Thanks to predefined templates, you can build your own password changers within minutes. Since password changers run on a separate transport layer — SSH, LDAP, Telnet, or WinRM, besides the built-in examples, you can also create your own script to easily manage credentials of your privileged accounts on monitored servers.
Efficiency Analyzer: designed to represent productivity analysis by tracking users' activities and providing precise information on efficiency, idle times, or all improper work practices based on detailed metrics.
Fudo helps organizations to meet compliance requirements: PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, NIST, GDPR, ISA/IEC 62443.