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At GoSecure, our mission is to protect cyber assets and allow clients to focus on their business goals. As a go-to cyber security partner, we offer a wide range of specialized services allowing increased security operations ROI, cutting-edge security testing for IT, and facilitate security to be integrated in new or existing software and hardware systems.

Since our foundation in 2002 we have been dedicated exclusively to information security, our teams have dealt with a wide gamut of security breaches and threats. Today we stand as industry leaders known for our ability to tackle technologically complex security engagements. We continue to invest in advanced security research internally and with our private and public partners.

For us, security only makes sense when it serves the best interest of our client’s organization and assists them in reaching their security goals. Clients can rely on us as their long-term partner in assessing and developing all elements of technical security for the threats of today and tomorrow.

We excel at transitioning strategy into operational reality. We leverage our extensive experience as an innovative Managed Security Services Provider and Technology Auditor to provide practical advice on making cyber security work.

In 2014, our R&D and Security Operations teams developed our Advanced Adversary Protection service to battle the most sophisticated threats facing organizations today. This service combines a unique blend of commercial components and proprietary software which exceeds leading practices.

How we are different

• The GoSecure team partners closely with clients and works alongside them to resolve the unique challenges they are facing. Often the solution can be directly integrated within the existing service platforms and is scaled for use with other clients that have similar needs. Some of these developments include the Attack Stream Interruptor and unique malware sandboxing capabilities for their managed security service

• Attack Stream Interruptor was developed to provide near real time active mitigation against today's most advanced threats, including banking trojans, phishing attacks, drive by downloads, and ransomware. It enables the prevention of TOR communication, executable file downloads, data exfiltration, and communication with C&C Botnet servers

• GoSecure's unique situational awareness engine coordinates client profiles, vulnerability assessments, continuous open source intelligence gathering and global advanced adversary threat profiles to provide clients with the best possible protection