Grip Security – SaaS Security Control Plane

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CompanyGrip Security
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionSoftware


Grip’s award-winning platform enables security teams to safeguard their SaaS estate with relevant, actionable insights, protection, and security orchestration for any user, to any SaaS, from any device, in any location, at any time.

Grip’s SaaS Security Control Plane (SSCP) consists of four key capabilities critical to SaaS security:

1) Easy, zero-touch discovery: Identity-based implementation via industry-standard mail.
Map the SaaS attack surface in minutes, incl. 10+ years of history. Only Grip discovers SaaS fingerprints using identity-based graphing and applied heuristics.

2) Relevant, actionable risk insights: Pinpoint risk that matters across apps, users, data, and connections. Grip’s SaaS Risk Index (SRI) is the only solution that prioritizes risks based on real-world, multi-dimensional observations—no guessing.

3) Secure SaaS on-demand: Access control to all SaaS apps—core-IT and business-led SaaS. Find and eliminate dangling, extant access for more than 10 years. Only Grip secures SaaS access and enables safe offboarding for any app and any user, at any time.

4) Intelligent SaaS security operations: Continuous detection with app risk profiles and security strategies. Automate 100+ SaaS security workflows and remediation playbooks. Only Grip orchestrates security for core-IT and business-led SaaS with continuous detection and automation.

What Makes Grip Unique
No disruptions: Agentless zero-touch deployment
No exceptions: Unified SaaS security across core-IT and business-led SaaS
No guesswork: Relevant, actionable SaaS risk insights and prioritization
No waiting: Automated detection and intelligent SaaS security workflows

Unlike other solutions, only Grip takes a business-led IT approach to ensure global protection for the SaaS attack surface, without exceptions and without a patchwork of proxies (CASB), agents (CASB/EDR), SSO tax (IdP/SSO) or APIs (SSPM). While other solutions attempt to curb SaaS access, only Grip applies identity-based protection so users can get all the benefits of business-led SaaS AND inherit strong protection for SaaS today and SaaS yet to be deployed.

How we are different

The Grip SaaS Security Control Plane (SSCP) is an essential element to modern security architecture—resolving the accidents of SaaS in the past, mitigating present risk across the SaaS estate, and infusing users to take security with them to SaaS yet to be deployed.

Only Grip delivers on the four key capabilities necessary for unified SaaS security—discover, prioritize, secure, and orchestrate.

Zero-touch discovery with high-fidelity attribution, inventory, and continuous detection—including a 10+ year history

Pinpoint relevant SaaS risks, based on real-world observations to uncover risks like newly discovered SaaS, zombie accounts, dangling access, and user-SaaS relationships

User protection and one-click access control across core-IT and business-led SaaS with secure offboarding for users and apps—from one app or user to thousands

Smart workflows from discovery to justification to control to decommissioning and intelligent automation to secure SaaS today and SaaS yet to be deployed

Customers leverage Grip SSCP to unify the SaaS attack surface and secure the SaaS lifecycle, cradle to grave. Customers rely on Grip's identity-based orchestration and automation—enabling secure SaaS outcomes for security teams without direct SaaS ownership.